The third edition of the Vibrations Festival is behind us, which took place on June 13-16, 2019 in Białobrzegi near Warsaw. A year of preparation, a million calls made, lots of people involved, conversations with aliens and Mother Nature, listening to the heart and planning with your head – to celebrate a real festival of life with you for four days. We are glad that, despite the new place, the climate remained the same and you came to us so crowded – there were close to 4000 of us! And it is thanks to you that this festival is totally independent – this event is undefiled by no external pressure! This means that we are not credited with a single zloty from co-financing or from sponsors. It will stay that way!

To ensure flow with such a large number of participants, we engage a lot of great people whom we want to thank: our organizational team and coordinators and volunteers. We also thank the speakers for their enthusiasm and commitment to the project, as well as exhibitors for the wonderful revival in the market and gastronomy area. And special thanks to …. Nature, which traditionally provided us with the dream circumstances.

See ya soon!







fot. Andriej Szypilow