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EARTHED SPIRIT – Anna Muchnicka i Vojto Monteur

Topic: Metta Loving Kindness Meditation Concert and Vipassana


Anna Muchnicka will guide you in the daily practice of Burmese Vipassana in the tradition of Mahasi and Metta Loving Kindness. The intention of this meeting is to help meditators bring meditation into their lives without meditating. Meditation as a state of being.


Metta Loving Kindness and Vipassana, Om Tare Tuttare mantra

Ambient concert and Burmese meditation. Introduces vipassana in the Mahasi and Metta Loving Kindness traditions. Meditation as a state of being, not a separate activity. Ambient puts you in a state beyond the mind, helps to achieve the concentration needed for meditation. Deep meditation practices that integrate the shadow and allow you to love what is. Instant samadhi. For people who want to learn 3 techniques to release from suffering and worry to practice throughout the year.

About the artists:

Sophia Kia | Anna Muchnicka – lived in Burma and Thailand for a decade, where she learned Buddhist meditation and kundalini yoga from her masters. She specializes in mantras. Together with Vojto Monteur, a music producer, composer and guitarist, they create EARTHED SPIRIT MUSIC. Vojto, in various genres, for many years co-created such bands as Miloopa, E.A.B.S, Leszek Możdzer’s Paderewski Orchestra and Symphonsphere, and the Piotr Rachoń Quartet. Sophia Kia creates the Collective Loving Kindness Facilitators, where mindfulness teachers learn in the spirit of the teachings of her Teacher Buddha. For 8 years he has been teaching various forms of meditation in the Buddhist and kundalini traditions. In meditation, he sees a solution for the planet, which is why he creates spaces and a learning platform for future teachers and facilitators.

Sophia Kia | Anna Muchnicka


Vojto Monteur


Earth Spirit


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