Statement of the Wibracje Festival organisers

Wibracje is a unique event thanks to its strong community. We are a tribe, a community that shares a similar perspective on the world. We are open and optimistic. Let’s help and support each other in this situation, as well as consciously visualise a healthy world.

For exactly this purpose, we have tools that were presented during previous editions of Wibracje Festival. Let’s use them and with peace of mind and confidence create the present and future world. We encourage you to share information and messages of support on the Wibracje Festival Facebook group. We provide this platform for you to use it and make the most of this unusual time.

Mind you that there is no threat to this year’s edition of Wibracje Festival. The event is scheduled for the end of June, and preparations are still in progress. Both scientists and common sense indicate that the threat of epidemic will have been a vague memory by then. The organisers closely follow current announcements. They have also gathered some information from reliable sources and are confident that the situation will soon be under control, and the threat will be eliminated completely.

The Festival is secured by an elite group of shamans and magicians from all over the universe 😉  With proper vibrations, the specially designed energy defence system will enable us to protect the Festival area. In any other case scenario, the organisers will consult the participants to come up with an optimal solution for all. 🍀

So Aho, sleep well and see you at the sunny Wibracje Festival.

Wibracje Festival organisers

Łukasz Gołoś

Magdalena Ballada