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Green Vibes

Green Vibes

After every event there’s a pile of trash left. We aspire to produce less waste than what the participants leave behind privately.

The aim of Green Vibes is to create and implement solutions that will minimize the negative impact of the festival on the environment. The idea is to come up with a set of methods in various regards of organization and execution of the events that would minimize the impact on the ecosystem. We want to focus our efforts on:

Limiting harmful waste with long decay period and waste segregation through:

  • using biodegradable, natural and edible plates and cutlery
  • using natural bags for packing gifts and t-shirts
  •  ban on plastic bags
  • promoting a mobile app with the festival’s programme, e-tickets, no printing
  • waste segregation into plastics (plastic bottles press and separate bins for bottle caps) biodegradable, glass waste and electro-waste (e.g. batteries)

Minimizing energy consumption and maximizing its efficiency:

  • solar smartphone chargers
  • eco-transportation: shuttle buses from/to Warsaw, promoting and supporting carpooling

Making sure we provide the best quality food products:

  • vegeterian/vegan catering on the festival
  • using products from local farmers

Eco space management:

  • scenography and equipment based on natural materials, wood and natural fabrics


  • education on ecology and ecosystems and their functioning, as well as current changes in regulations on environmental protection