Sprzedaż biletów kończy się za


In a faraway galaxy, on a turquoise planet in the Pleiades cluster flying whales sung their song out into the space. The melody sped through universes for 130 and 6 parsecs to reach the Earth anno Domini 2016. There it took the form of the Festiwal Wibracje.

The first edition in 2017 triggered a gravitational wave that, upon reflecting from the Pleiades, returned even stronger a year later, and so it will continue to oscillate.

About Festival

● over 100 speakers from Poland and abroad
● 100 hours of lectures
● 100 hours of workshops
● concerts and bonfires
● activities for children
● yoga and meditation
● music and dance … and a lot of joy, integration and love ♡
● 10 zones: Alchemist, Body, Kid’s, Herb, Mind, Cannabis, Mushroom, Movement, Market, Healthy food

Every year Festiwal Wibracje gathers advocates of sustainable development, people who are hungry for knowledge and passionate about life. We meet to inspire and get inspired and to bring out our potentials.

The Festival is more than just a yearly gathering, it’s a subtle community of knowledgeable people that forms in real-time. It’s a space created for those who understand how important it is in today’s world to keep your mentality, the self and your body safe and tidy.

During the festival we let a powerful stream of energy roam free, we cleanse the miasmas and paradigms of the pop culture reality and assume a new perspective on various questions.


We discuss: Psychology, unconventional medicine, personal and spiritual development, working with your body (yoga, dancing, meditation in motion), research and scientific discoveries unveiling the real nature of reality and ourselves, mature environmental protection, permaculture, natural building, shamanism, entheogens and ethnobiology, tech novelties, as well as paranormal phenomena, such as telepathy and telekinesis.

More about programme HERE.

Why do we do that

The aim of the festival is to allow deepening knowledge, self-improvement, creating space for like-minded people to meet and talk. All this in an atmosphere of openness and positive Energy.

The Festival is a platform for multi-directional communication about personal and spiritual development, ecology, unconventional medicine, work with consciousness inventions and solutions that improve the quality of life.

We base our mission on cooperation, we are open to new and good ideas.
We invite you to contact us.

Festival Concept

The meetings will be an open, five-day event in the form of a unique satsang combining the features of the festival, exhibitions, fairs, conferences and interactive classes. Meetings will be held by professionals, academics, people with established knowledge and prestige in the field.

lectures *** shows *** interactive workshops ***workshops *** ceremonies *** concerts *** merchandise zone *** individual appointments *** rich catering zone *** bonfires *** zone for children


On one sunny day in July 2016 in a sea-side town, Jing and Jang met in a queue at Staszek’s. Together they worked like a soundbox that multiplies each other’s frequencies. Soon afterwards the idea of the Festiwal Wibracje was born.

As time passed by waltzing, more people joined in and had their share in creating the project.

An important part in the Festiwal, its execution and logistics is played by the volunteers. They help with organizing it, creating the unique atmosphere of the event.