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July 16-21, 2024 (The festival lasts one day longer!)


Radotki near Płock, Osada Młynarza, 2h from Warsaw, Poland. Google maps



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Type of ticket Children

Up to 11 years old

(For children born on or after January 1, 2013)

12-24 years old

(Individuals born from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2012)

Above 24 years old

(Osoby urodzone przed 1.01.2000)
 Ticket  Phase 1

start 14.11.2024

Sold out!

Free 90 115
 Ticket  Phase 2

Sold out!

Free 128 €
152 €
 Ticket  Phase 3

starts 27.05

Free 140 € 165 €
Regular price  Free



Weekend Ticket Fri-End

from Friday 9:00 AM

Free 120

price until july 9!


Weekend Ticket Fri-End

Regular price

From July 10 and at the festival box office

(runs from Friday from 9:00 am)

Free 130

price from july 10!



Valid from the beginning to the end of the program on a given day. Does not include overnight camping

Free 60

price until july 9!



Valid from the beginning to the end of the program on a given day. Does not include overnight camping

Free 65

price from july 10!

*All service fees for online payments are already included in this price.


Children up to 11 years old inclusive have free admission and free camping pitch.

Type of ticket



Up to 11 years old

(For children born on or after January 1, 2013)

12-24 years old

(Individuals born from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2012)

Above 24 years old

(Osoby urodzone przed 1.01.2000)
Campsite Standard / payment per person/ The price for the entire festival Free 23 € 23 €
Family Village Campsite / payment per person /The price for the entire festival Free 23 € 23 €
Camper /Accommodation in a camper / payment per person /The price for the entire festival Free 23 € 23 €

Camping area: In response to your requests, we are introducing an update and simplification regarding the camping field. Starting from next year’s edition, we standardize the accommodation fee within the festival area. Those staying in the camping field or in campers: everyone pays the same rate, which is 90 PLN per person for the entire festival (children up to 11 years old stay for free). Families: we are creating a separate camping area for families with additional amenities.


– Participation in the entire festival from start to finish, in all programmed activities

– Parking for one personal car

– Access to drinking water

– Cocoa cup during Cacao Dance

– Opportunity to use childcare services (Baby Zone)


– Participation in the entire festival from Friday starting at 9:00 AM until the end, including all program activities.

– Parking for one personal vehicle.

– Access to drinking water.

– Cocoa cup during the Cacao Dance.

–  Opportunity to use childcare services (Little Ones Zone).

  • The ticket price depends on the sales phase and the participant’s age. The sales phase closes after reaching the limit. Information about subsequent sales phases is provided on our website and Facebook. Admission is free for those up to 11 years old.
  • The sales are operated by Going and Empik (you can purchase tickets at Empik stores).
  • Entry to the event area is possible by presenting an electronic ticket (you don’t have to print it – respect trees!).
  • The electronic ticket is exchanged for a wristband at the festival’s ticket booths.
  • Tickets are personalized, and at the gates, the staff reserves the right to check the participant’s age based on an ID.
  • We have received reports of scams – don’t be fooled, and buy tickets only from the official source.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • If you want to change the information on the ticket (transfer it to another person), you can do so through the Going app (the cost of the operation is 70 PLN, to be covered by the sender).
  • If you encounter technical issues, contact the sales operator.
  • By purchasing a ticket, you accept the festival’s participation regulations, available on the wibracje.com.pl website and at the festival venue.


  • Camping - We sleep in the relaxing buffer of the forest, not far from the river. The camping ground is a level clearing. The area of the camping field is marked on the site map. Please do not camp in the main festival area, next to the stages and food service. There will be access to electricity to charge your phone. The camping area is charged PLN 90 per person. Children under 11 years old - free of charge. We have a separate camping area for families - the Family Village. Facilities: toilets, showers, sinks.
  • Campers:The campground for campers is a level, green area in the festival area. Places are limited, you must buy a ticket in advance to enter. Campers - Field No. 1 SOLD OUD | Campers - Field No. 2 ON SALE We do not provide electricity to connect your camper. On sale places for camper - not camper rental. Cost: 90 zł per person. HERE Amenities: sanitary facilities, showers, sinks. CAR PARKING FOR CAMPAIGNERS COMBINED IN TWO PARTS: (The first pool of tickets for Field No. 1 was available until May (on the ticket: "Overnight in a camper"), from June, spaces for the camper field in the name "Field No. 2" are sold. - shown named on the ticket. Tickets are valid for a specific field. The fields are accurately marked on the MAP
  • Accommodation: There are many farms, hotels near the festival, we recommend searching for accommodation on Booking or Airbnb.
  • Glamping: Available for sale! Check the rules and store: here
glamping wibracje
As every year, we are building a full town on the festival grounds: > there is a camping area, > a diverse gastro area with tents, seating, > sanitary facilities (sufficient number of toilets, showers and washbasins) > a large parking lot (also for campers) > there is access to electricity and a drinking water intake > other areas with shelters and seating > information desk, medical TERRACE
  • The outdoor area features stages and large lecture tents of thematic zones, a wooden barn.
  • The festival's map also includes a fair zone, a food zone with a covered area for consumption, rest zones with hammocks in the woods, an Art Barn, a Family Village in the campground, an RV field, a river descent and access to kayaks.
  • We move to the beautiful surroundings of Plock, to the village of Radotki. We associate this name at first sight with: RADOTKA. The area is located in the picturesque Skrwa valley and is surrounded by the river on three sides.
  • Our place is woven with picturesque clearings and forests. Yes, there will be many shady spots and water. Climate, respite, peace, birdsong, air - guaranteed by the company of the Brudzen Landscape Park.
  • The festival takes place in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city and among friends themselves - anyway, day and night in keeping the flow safe we are helped by a professional security company and some forest gnomes 🙂
festiwal wibracje fot. Idę Drogą
It is located next to the festival grounds.
  •  Shared car ride - make arrangements at the group
  • VIBROBUS - Bus that goes from Warsaw directly to the Vibrations Festival. Price for 1 seat on the bus 65 PLN one way. Buy your vibrobus ticket in advance - HERE. There will be no ticket sales on the bus. The bus will be marked with the logo of the Vibrations Festival Route: Warsaw - Radotki | Radotki-WarsawVIBROBUS SCHEDULE:  > Tuesday, July 16 WARSAW departure 10:00 -> Vibrations Festival, Radotki > Friday, July 19 WARSAW departure 09:30 -> Festival Vibrations, Radotkireturn: > Sunday July 21 VIBRATIONS FESTIVAL Radotki departure 13:00 -> WARSAW
  • FREE BUS FROM PŁOCK - WIBRATIONS FESTIVAL - Plock: Free transportation, city bus marked FESTIVAL WIBRATIONS, which will run on the line Plock - WIBRATIONS - Plock. > The bus from the center of Plock to the festival will start on Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 am, and on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm > From the Festival to Plock the bus will leave on Wednesday and Thursday at 23:00 and on Friday and Saturday at 22:00 and 01:00 > The bus is free for Festival participants and will run on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. STOPS: - Otolińska, Boryszewo, Stop ID: 721 - Railway Station, Plock - Zglenickiego, Stop ID: 202, on Dobrzanska Street, Plock - Mankowo, Nowa Biala, Stop ID: 261
  •  Nearest airport: Warsaw Modlin
  • Nearest railway station: PKP PŁOCK (direct connection with: Gdynia, Katowice, Kutno, Sierpc, Warsaw) - data are indicative only and may change at any time due to train traffic
We're glad that you're coming to us as whole families! Children always have their safe space and plenty of attractions with us. Admission is free for children up to 11 years old! In addition, we offer: Children's Zone (activities), workshops for parents with children, a family zone in the camping area, a water station, a balance zone, soap bubble shows, large designated toilets - and all of this in a friendly, safe atmosphere.
We provide an extensive gastronomic zone with healthy food, including vegan and vegetarian menu. There will be a zone with food trucks, sweets, fruit, drinks and a grocery store.
  • Take cash with you. There are no ATMs on the festival grounds or in the immediate vicinity, and there is poor coverage.
  • No registration is required for the activities.
  • There is a drinking water intake at the Festival site. We also recommend that you bring a bottle to filter your water.
  • A Festival program with a map of the area will be available on site.
  • Don't forget to prepare your entrance ticket - you can print it or view it on your mobile device.
  • Also check out the ECO GUIDE for the participant.
  • Join our group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/wibracje/, where, among other things, you can find a companion to ride together. A ride together is cheaper, more fun and you reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Fire - we will light ONLY in the designated area (there is a forest around).
  • People with disabilities, please bring a certificate with you to get your ticket at the gates.
  • Dogs - it is better to leave your four-legged dog at home 🙂
  • It is worth taking with you: yoga mat, sun hat, something for mosquitoes, headlamp, your own cup (cutlery, plate), a handful of enthusiasm and positive energy, because it will be mega!

We promote sobriety. Let’s meet sober.

See you soon!


Favourite Asked Questions

Can aliens attend the festival?

Yes, only those with good intentions.

Can I come with children?

Absolutely! Admission is free for those up to 11 years old – you’ll get wristbands at the gates.

Can I come with a dog?

It’s better to spare them the stress – it’s hot at the festival, and there are a lot of people. If you really must bring a dog – okay, but remember about its safety and the safety of the participants.

Can I come with a goat?

You can 🙂

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Ticket pre-sale starts on November 14.

Where can I find information about ticket prices?

The price list and ticket purchase regulations will be available with the start of pre-sale in the Informator or Buy Ticket section.

If I purchased an electronic ticket, should I come with a printed version?

There is no need; just show the code on your mobile device (downloaded in advance due to weak signal) or send it to us telepathically. Respect trees! At the festival’s ticket booths, tickets will be exchanged for wristbands.

Can tickets be refunded?

We do not accept refunds. You can transfer the ticket to another person, but we do not change the information on the ticket and do not mediate in their resale.

What does the ticket (pass) entitle me to?

It allows participation in all main program points (lectures, workshops, concerts) without additional fees, free parking for camels, barefoot dancing, drumming by the fire until morning, and experiencing otherworldly moments with friends.

Can I buy a ticket (pass) on the day of the festival?

It depends on the number of tickets sold earlier – we have a limited number of seats.

Will there be a camping area at the festival?

Yes, there will be a camping area, glamping area, camper area, and a Family Village in the camping field.

How to set up tents?

Through the main entrance towards the North Star, in the designated area on the map.

When does the camping area operate?

Soon info

How to get to the festival?

By car or vibrobus. Nearest airports: Modlin Warsaw.

Is there parking for cars at the festival?


Is there parking for flying carpets at the festival?

Yes, in designated places above the participants’ cars.

Is there a place to charge phones?

Yes – such places will be prepared. Although instead of phones, we suggest charging yourselves – with sunlight and communal dances.

Is there a food zone at the festival?

Yes! And it’s very diverse: vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, vitarian, and bretarian.

Is there a drinking water source at the festival?

Yes – bring your bottle.

Can I participate in the festival as a speaker, exhibitor, volunteer, mascot, good spirit?

Of course! Write to us: festival(at)wibracje.com.pl

When will you publish the program for 2024?

The program will be published a month before the event. Until then, we will regularly present the profiles of speakers on our website and Facebook.

Are there registrations for lectures/workshops?


What should I bring with me?

Yoga mat, blanket, flashlight, your cup or bottle, ecological hygiene products, cash, something for all weather conditions, and a smile on your face 🙂


You are responsible for the energy you bring to the festival.