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 26-30 July 2023 | Gates open at 11:00


Giże 40, 19-411 Giże, near Olecko, Poland – (check on the map)


Ticket 1nd tour – Sold out!  



350 pln 390 pln
Ticket 2nd tour Sold out! Free 480 pln/ 105 € 580 pln/ 125 €
Ticket 3rd tour – NOW  Free 580 zł/ 127 € 680 zł/ 149 €
Regular ticket price  Free 175 €
Camper 180 zł / 40 €

The number of tickets for the 7th edition is limited


Technical support: bilety@wibracje.com.pl

If there will be still some tickets left – you can buy Weeked Tickets at ticket boots.



a five-day ticket, after you exchange it for a wristband, you can entry multiple times during 5 days of the event.


– participation in all attractions included in the program (we do not register for classes),

– accommodation for the owner of the pass at the campsite (equipped with toilets and showers),

  • The ticket price depends on the Sales Tour and the age of the participant. The sales tour is closed when the limit is reached. Information about the next sales rounds is provided on our website and FB. Entering festival up to the age of 13 is free.
  • The operator of the sale is GOING. Entry to the event area is possible after presenting the ticket in electronic form (you do not need to print it – please respect the trees!).
  • Each ticket has its own unique code – also when you buy several tickets for one name.
  • The electronic ticket is exchanged at the Festival ticket boots for a wristband, which cannot be removed from the owner’s wrist until the end of the event.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • The ticket can be transferred to another person.
  • If the ticket after purchase has not reached on your e-mail – check spam and then write to us on bilety@wibracje.com.pl
  • Technical problems with the ticket system: write to bilety@wibracje.com.pl
  • By purchasing a ticket, you accept the terms and conditions of participation in the Festival Wibracje available on the website www.wibracje.com.pl and in the Festival area.
  • We accept cash at the Festival ticket offices (coverage is poor!)


  • we have a camping site (equipped with toilets and showers). The area of the campsite will be marked on the map of the area. For your tent please do not choose the main space of the festival, next to the stages and gastronomy. Please park your cars in the parking lot, not in tent site.
  • Place for motorhomes is located in the Festival carpark - it is a green, hilly area, 10 meters from the main gate. Motorhome fee according to the price list.
  • there are a lot of agritourism farms nearby, we recommend looking for accommodation on booking or Airbnb.
We invite you to land of thausand lakes - Masuria! We have multi-hectare area, with postglacial hills, fresh air, greenery around, far from the city - silent, peaceful and idyllic. We finally get out into nature - which benefits a vibrating climate.

We are building a town at the festival site:
  • there is a campsite,
  • a gastro and food zone,
  • toilets (with showers)
  • a large parking lot (also for motorhomes).
  • There is access to electricity.
In the open air, there are 2 stages and large tents where events take place (concerts, lectures, movement classes). The green area is diversified with the so-called "Nooks" filled with carpets, pouffes and hammocks, where, after the lectures, in an intimate entourage, participants have the opportunity to further deepen their knowledge with the lecturers. The outdoor part also includes an exhibition zone (trade, treatment, consultation) Body Zone and Handicraft Zone. fot. Idę Drogą

Festival Wibracje
  • Giże near Olecko
  • 2 hours from Białystok
  • 3.5 hours from Warsaw
  • 3.5 hours from Vilnius
For those arriving from abroad: The nearest airport is Warsaw.

Then you can arrangecarpooling here We also recommend using the vibro-bus. To use the ride, you must purchase a seat reservation in advance. The bus will be marked with the logotype of the Festival Wibracje. Bus routes:
  • Warsaw - Giże - July 26, 2023 departure at 10:00 from Warsaw from the parking lot in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, pl. Defilad 1 Warszawa and will take passengers to Giże 40 near Olecko to the bus stop.
  • Giże - Warsaw - July 30, 2023 at 13:00 departure from Giż (bus stop) to Warsaw in the parking lot at the Palace of Culture and Science, pl. Defilad 1 Warsaw. BUY TICKET: https://goingapp.pl/kup-bilety/festival-wibracje-7-0-2/lipiec-2023
On the festival.
We are glad that you are coming to us with your families! Children always have their safe space and lots of attractions with us. Up to 13 years of age admission is free! In addition, we offer: Kids Zone, slackline, workshops for parents with children, a breakfast zone on the campsite (electricity, tables) and a changing room in the tent, large designated toilets - and a friendly, safe atmosphere.
We provide an extensive gastronomic zone with healthy food, including vegan and vegetarian menu. There will be a zone with food trucks, sweets, fruit, drinks and a grocery store.
The festival is organized in accordance with current sanitary regulations. We care about the safety of participants and sanitary equipment.
  • Take cash with you.
  • There are no cash machines at the Festival or in its close surroundings and the coverage is poor.
  • There is no registration for lectures.
  • There is a drinking water intake at the festival site. We also recommend that you bring a water filter bottle with you.
  • The nearest shop is 9 km from the Festival.
  • The Festival program with a map of the area will be available on site.
  • Don’t forget to have your admission ticket ready – you can print it or view it on your mobile device.
  • Opening hours of ticket boots and entry to the festival: Wednesday 11:11 am – 9.00 pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9.00 am – 9.00 pm, Sunday 9.00 am – 5.21 pm. If you already have a wristband, you will be able to move outside the terrain indefinitely.
  • Campsite – marked on the map. Please do not pitch your tent in the main space of the festival, next to the stages and gastronomy.
  • Access to electricity – there will be a photovoltaic station for charging phones.
  • Join our group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/wibracji/, where, among others, you can find a companion for a shared ride. Shared rides are cheaper, happier and you reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Campfire – we light it ONLY in a designated place (there is a forest around).
  • Dogs – please leave your pets at home (there are a lot of us).
  • What would be good to take with you: a yoga mat, a sun hat, something for mosquitoes, a headlamp, your own cup (cutlery, plate), enthusiasm and positive energy, because the event will be awesome!

We promote sobriety. Let’s meet sober.

We invite people with disabilities for free – write to us on bilety@wibracje.com.pl

See you soon!


Favourite Asked Questions

Can aliens participate in the Festival?

Yes, but only those with good intentions.

Can we take kids with us?

Please do! There’s space and activities dedicated for kids, and admission is free for all those under 13.

Can we take our dog with us?

No, it’s loud and a lot of people – please leave your dog at home.

Can we take a goat with us?

Sure, if we can milk it.

Can we buy the tickets prior to the festival?

Yes. Pre-sale starts in November 2022

Where will I find information on the tickets’ price?

Price list and purchase terms and conditions will be published together with the launch of the pre-sale.


I bought an e-ticket, should bring a print-out to the festival?

No need to do that, it’s enough if you display the ticket’s code on your mobile device or send it to us telepatically at the entrance to the festival. In the ticket booth you will get a wrist band.


Is it possible to return the ticket?

We do not accept returns.


What is included in the price of the ticket?

Participation in all points of the programme (lectures, workshops, concerts) without any additional fees, dancing barefoot and drumming till the dawn by the bonfire, out of this world experiences in the circle of friends.


Do I need an ID?

Yes, the the ticket holder name is on the ticket.


Can I use another type of personal document instead of ID?

Yes, image of your personal aura, signed by the notary.


Can I buy the ticket on the day of the festival?

Theoretically yes, while the amount of the tickets is limited. We encourage you to buy the tickets before the festival date.


Is there going to be a campsite?

Yes, there is a campsite and sanitary facilities.


How do I set up the tent?

Main entrance directed at the North Star.


How do I get to the festival?

By land, air, or inland waters. We will also launch a shuttle bus to the festival, more information in the Spring 2023. For now we encourage to find partners for carpooling on our Facebook group:



Is there a car parking lot on the festival’s premises?



Is there a flying carpet parking lot on the festival’s premises?

Yes, there will be designated spots over other participants’ cars.


Is there a spot for phone charging?

Yes, we will prepare charging spots in the facility, while we recommend to charge your own battery with sun and dancing.


Is there going to be catering area?

Yes! You will be able to pick and choose: there is going to be vegeterian, fruitarian, vitarian and breatharian food.


Can I take part in the festival as a lecturer, exhibitor, volunteer, mascot or a good spirit?

Of course! E-mail us to: festiwal@wibracje.com.pl


When will be the 2023 programme published?

One month before the date of the festival. Until then we will publish the bios of the lecturers on our website and Facebook profile.


Please remember that you’re responsible for the energy that you’ll bring in to the festival.