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Who are we?

Wibracje Festival is the first and largest festival in Poland dedicated to sustainable development, living in harmony and health with ourselves and the surrounding world.

Our mission is to promote psychophysical well-being. We invite outstanding teachers, guides, and artists who inspire transformation and bold life creation on one's own terms.

Wibracje is a community of thousands - life enthusiasts characterized by a particular level of consciousness. Open, warm, kind - they create the unique atmosphere of this event.

"Jeśli chcesz zrozumieć Wszechświat, myśl w kategoriach energii, częstotliwości i wibracji."
- Nikola Tesla

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Choose from the program the subject that develops you and brings you joy

Festiwal Wibracje zdjęcie


Enrich your resources by drawing inspiration from outstanding guides

Festiwal Wibracje zdjęcie


Join the supportive community


8th Edition of the Festival

Festiwal Wibracje


intensive days of knowledge, development, music

Festiwal Wibracje



Festiwal Wibracje


top teachers and artists


thematic zones

Festiwal Wibracje



Festiwal Wibracje

River, forest, kayaking, and birdsong

Selected teachers and access to knowledge

Our program offers a wide range of topics, all united by the common themes of bodily health, mind, joy, community, and love for life in all its forms: our wonderful Pachamama.

We present many paths and ways of thinking, as there is no single way to reach the goal. We invite specialists in their fields who share their knowledge and inspire with their experience.

Festiwal Wibracje
Festiwal Wibracje
Festiwal Wibracje

The program is designed to teach you and your family practical skills, essential in leading an extraordinary, conscious life today.

Festiwal Wibracje


Experience the presence of another person

53% of Polish people report that they feel lonely

Feel the power of community, the magic of empathy, and real smiles.

Add magic to your life

What else can you expect at the Vibrations Festival?

Festiwal Wibracje


Personal development and transformation

Embrace challenges, discover your hidden potentials

Choose what develops you and brings you joy


Celebration of shared time

Festiwal Wibracje


Community of families with children


Thoughtfully designed space and infrastructure

We have 20 years of experience in organizing events and 8 years of creating Vibrations.

Festiwal Wibracje

This year's location

This year's location of Wibracje close to Brudzeń Landscape Park

Festiwal Wibracje

We are moving to the beautiful surroundings of Płock, to the village of Radotki. This name immediately reminds us of: JOY. („Joy” in Polish is „Radość”)

The area is located in the picturesque valley of the Skrwa River and is surrounded by the river on three sides. Our place is woven with scenic meadows and forests. Yes! There will be many shaded spots and water. The climate, respite, peace, birdsong, and air are guaranteed by the company of Brudzeń Landscape Park.

Kayaks are also waiting for you.

Learn from those who are the best

Teachers and artists of the 8th edition of the festival

Participants' opinions

What do others say?

Life is full of

Festiwal Wibracje


Newsy Festiwalowe

Wibracje dla rodzin, które chcą być bliżej

Wibracje dla rodzin, które chcą być bliżej

Rodzinne Wibracje, czyli dlaczego warto zapakować całą familię na furmankę i spędzić urlop na festiwalu. Od samego początku festiwal organizowany jest z myślą o ...

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Koktajl etno szamańskiej elektroniki, czyli muzyka na Wibracjach

Koktajl etno szamańskiej elektroniki, czyli muzyka na Wibracjach

W tym roku na Wibracjach będziemy częstować Was kosmicznym koktajlem światowej etno szamańskiej elektroniki, tropikalnym ecstatic dance, pieśniarskim ...

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Zobacz nowe miejsce Festiwalu!

Zobacz nowe miejsce Festiwalu!

Po siedmiu latach festiwalu domknął swój naturalny cykl i 8. edycja Wibracji przyniesie dużo zmian!

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