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Glamping at the Vibrations Festival

This is a comfortable and atmospheric option for accommodation during the festival. The tents, which are set up and equipped, form a small town in the campground. This is an ideal opportunity for those who like comfort, but at the same time want to feel the atmosphere of the festival day and night. An excellent choice for families with children as well.



  • Tents about 19 sqm of floor space!
  • Height of the tent at the highest point – 3m
  • Tents can be booked in 2 or 4 person option
  • Tents are made of thick natural cotton tarp (320g.), impregnated against rain – they are waterproof. The entrance door provided with an additional mesh layer – protection against insects, the entire side wall detachable from the floor. The floor is made of thick polyester fabric.
  • A padlock is attached to the front door.


Beds, bedding set, blankets, bedside table, rugs, seats, light bulb, padlock. see sample photos below.
/decorations in tents may differ minimally from each other.
* The booking person bears the total cost and selects the roommates himself and settles with them.

Glamping will be located in the camping area in a separate part, in close proximity to the sanitary facilities and the festival area. It will be marked on the map ?

Rental time: Includes rental of a tent with equipment for the entire festival.



Glamping for 2 people | PLN 3050

(deposit – reservation fee 1750 zł, the remaining amount 1300 zł cash payment on site) | additional 250 zł refundable deposit on site.

Glamping for 4 persons | PLN 4050
(deposit – reservation fee 2350 PLN, the remaining amount 1700 PLN payment in cash on site) | additional 250 PLN refundable deposit on site.

(due to the extension of the festival, the cost includes one more night than in previous years)


  • Glamping reservations are made on the dedicated subpage of the Alchemista.pl store
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Choose a tent type – 2 or 4 person
  • Reserve the tent by paying (deposit) the non-refundable reservation amount | 2-person tent – 1750 PLN | 4-person tent – 2350 PLN
  • After accepting the regulations and making the payment you will receive e-mail confirmation of the reservation
  • Upon arrival at the festival ticket office you will pay the remaining amount (in cash) – 2-person tent – 1300 PLN | 4-person tent – 1700 PLN and pay a deposit of 250 PLN, which will be refunded on Sunday when you take the tent back.
  • If you have any questions, please write to: festiwal@wibracje.com.pl


Please remember, when placing an order you must FINISH the payment. As you go to payment you will see the Order Received page – but only confirmation of payment in the bank or through the app will finalize the transaction and complete the order. Orders not paid for immediately will be canceled.