We warmly invite families with children to the festival’s Kids zone, in which the classes will be inspired by Maria Montessori’s pedagogy. The zone will operate every day of the Festival from morning till noon – in a designated place.

Every year, the Festival Wibracje is visited by more and more families with children. No wonder, the atmosphere of the event is favorable. And also children up to 11 years of age. they do not pay admission. The organizers are preparing the program so that around 60 children can be actively looked after at the same time. Additionally and independently, there will be a children’s monkey grove, which children will be able to use under the care of their parents.

At the festival, you can expect to paint with your hands, feet and your whole body, play with water, clay and sound. We will experience, discover and inspire. Playing with shadows and shapes, enjoying the sounds of hitting the dishes with a wooden spoon. Touch, squash, dance, slide, stomp, sing. Read, listen, paint, draw, stick. There will be a tent full of interesting things waiting for you to experience and enjoy each other’s company. There will be different zones where every toddler will find a place for himself.

Parents will be able to leave their children for two-hour workshops. A detailed schedule will be placed next to the zone and additionally announced from the stage. The kids will be provided with tyvex wristbands with the phone number for their parents.

We remind you that children and young people under 11 enter the Festival for free!