The festival is 100% woven from high-quality, organic dreams of native origin. Its two main goals are: spreading the knowledge of hearts and minds and creating a community of people of the new Earth (ad: People of the New Earth is the opposite of the New World Order). The whole thing is bathed in joyful dances, smiles and conversations.

Festival Wibracje is untainted by any external pressure and energy! The organizers do not support themselves with state or private sector subsidies. We decide in 100% about what the ship of Wibracje looks like, who we take on our deck and where the ship goes. Freedom is a value especially appreciated by the organizers and participants. Probably similar to yours, since you got here. The festival is for free, open minded and positive people.


Festival formula is an open-air, six-day event combining the features of a festival, fair, conference and interactive activities. Lectures and workshops are conducted by the best professionals, academics, enthusiasts, people with well-established ethics and knowledge. Among the people who particularly like our event, there are already a lot of journalists, influencers and opinion makers. The space is divided into a conference and an outdoor part. The program takes place in front of outdoor scenes and in conference tents.

poniewierka idę droga festiwal wibracje

Among many others, the program included Leszek Możdżer with a unique concert for two pianos, the Hang Massive duo, Ciro Guerra – director nominated for an Oscar, Mose, Viken Arman, Ya’akov & Susannah Darling Khan, Anna Sierpowska, Nessi Gomes, Janax Pacha, Esta Polyesta, Professor Marek Kaczmarzyk from the University of Silesia and many more.

Remember that you are responsible for the energy you bring here!

& Welcome!


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