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Acarya Vandiitananda Avadhuta

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Meditation with Service – Hand in Hand


Spiritual progress needs both aspects meditation for self-realization and service combined. When you focus and concentrate your mind fully towards the divine, this is actually internal service. While doing external service, you give something to needy people and do not take anything in return.

About the workshop “Workshop”:

To attain human life is very precious, because we have lived countless previous lives in a lower realms, including plant and animal lives. As humans now we have possibility to advance fast towards spiritual elevation – by doing meditation practices. In order to make meditation easier one can attain collective meditations and do kiirtan, sing universal mantra before meditation, in order to increase devotion.

Already Shiva propounded self-realization with meditation, and service to humanity by physical, intellectual or spiritual means according the time, place and situation. Since ancient times, some yogis went to Himalayas in order to attain salvation. However today it is unwise to leave the world in the hands of selfish, materialistic people and corrupt leaders.

In the future people will demand selfless, spiritual leaders, who may proclaim loudly, “Human beings of the world, unite! Human exploitation will not be tolerated.”

When people are neglected and suffering, they don’t have capacity to elevate themselves spiritually. All their time is spent on survival. If every human being would be taken care, the elevation of humanity as a whole would speed up greatly.

While doing service with all the sweetness of your heart, think that you see the divine entity in the form of needy people.

About the speaker:

Acarya Vandiitananda Avadhuta, born in India in a spiritually oriented family of Ananda Marga. As 11 years old child, he got tantric initiation into meditation. He has been working for Ananda Marga Organization as a monk since 1979, teaching yoga and meditation in India, working in different projectsand relief activities.

Since 1990 he has been teaching meditation practises in European countries. He is also a qualified homeopathic doctor, helping people with alternative medicine. At present he is managing 47 hectare organic farm in South Poland, near Jelenia Gora. The place is also a course and service centre, providing care for 15-30 Ukrainian refugees since beginning of the war.

The founder of the Ananda Marga, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti established AMURT&EL for relief, Neo-humanism for education, New-renaissance for intellectual development, and Prout- theory for social reformation.




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