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Ajahn Hubert

Topic: Meeting with a Buddhist teacher


How to live monks and what can you really gain from meditation? Meet a former teacher named “Ajahn” to learn more about monastic life, Buddhism, Buddha’s teachings, and meditation.

Workshop in Polish only.

The monastery is not an escape from reality. The monastery brings you closer to life. Polish former Buddhist monk about his stay in the Thai forest monastery Suan Mokkh.

How do monks live and what can you really gain from meditation? A meeting with a former monk, the only Buddhist teacher in Poland who received the title of “Ajahn”, is an opportunity to learn more about life in the monastery, Buddhism, Buddha’s teachings and meditation.

The meeting with Ajahn Hubert consists of two parts. In the first one, she will talk about her rich and long-term experience of staying in the forest monastery of Suan Mokkh in Thailand. He will introduce the life of Buddhist monks – tell how they live; what do they do; What is life in a monastery like? His lecture will be enriched with photos from his stay in Suan Mokkh. In addition, he will tell how the principles of Buddhist practice can be transferred to the modern life of every lay person. Explain what Vipassana meditation is all about. He will show you how to successfully introduce meditation into your life. During the lecture, Participants will learn how to achieve harmony with themselves and the environment through meditation, learn to listen to themselves, deal with difficult emotions, find their destiny to live a fulfilled and happy life.

In the second part, Ajahn Hubert and the Participants will focus on practice – sitting formal meditation. There will also be an opportunity to ask the most pressing questions.

About the speaker:

Ajahn Hubert is the only Buddhist teacher in Poland who has been given the title “Ajahn” (meaning Teacher), and one of the few Buddhist teachers from the Theravada tradition. Looking for answers to questions about the meaning and purpose of existence, he began to practice meditation and discovered how many benefits it brings. The turning point in his life was meeting Ajahn Po, a Buddhist monk from Thailand, from whom he learned. The monk introduced him to Anapanasati meditation, the development of mindfulness directed at the breath, and Vipassana, insight meditation. He spent 10 years as a monk in the forest monastery of Suan Mokkh. In 2015, with the blessing of his Master, he began a journey through the countries of Eastern Europe to bring meditation closer to people. Since then, in a secular state, he has been sharing ancient knowledge with practitioners and teaching how to use it to improve the quality of life. It encourages you to discover the enormous potential that each of us has. He emphasizes that science and practice are to be useful in everyday life.

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