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Artur Makieła

Topic: Hypnotic-Mental Show


About the performance:

This year we will host hypnosis again at the Vibrations Festival. And once again we will take you into the world of hypnosis in the most joyful and entertaining edition. However, this year’s performance by Artur Makieła will be more than just entertainment. During the show, you will not only see extraordinary phenomena of the subconscious, but also learn how they happen. Artur in a loose form will show you and explain what happens in the human brain when we are in a hypnotic trance.

In addition, the hypnosis show will be enriched with elements of mentalism, i.e. a psychological illusion that makes the audience pick their jaws up from the floor.

This year’s performance by Artur Makieła during the Vibrations Festival will be a real edutainment, i.e. education through entertainment. Come experience
understand and have a great time.

About the speaker:

My name is Artur Makieła and I am a mental trainer and hypnotist. I work with the subconscious and use the power of the mind. I teach how to use precise rules of communication to generate more profits. I help to overcome internal blockages in the field of public speaking, building relationships, fully accepting yourself, increasing self-confidence. Perhaps you know me as the TV hypnosis expert or the man who hypnotized Przystanek Woodstock.

Before the world turned out so that I started helping people, I was looking for ways to help myself stop being a shy and complex person. Then I came across hypnosis and NLP, which changed my life dramatically. Today, I am a five-time TEDx speaker, an international speaker, an academic lecturer, and a promoter of hypnotherapy and entertainment hypnosis in Poland. I work with people who, aware of the need for development, are looking for tools and strategies to improve the quality of life.

Artur Makieła

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