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Cura Sana

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Our work is based on meditation and healing music. Our albums are a timeless medicine that expands consciousness and raises vibrations. During our travels to Asia and South America, we discovered the power of songs from ancient cultures and collected many exotic instruments. With the support of specialists, we create music with the intention of conveying what we have in our hearts for the good of all sentient beings. Our passion is healing music. We play on anything that comes into our hands, especially ancient, traditional, folk, and ethnic instruments. We founded this group with the hope of helping all those in need.

About the band:

So far, we have shared our music at festivals such as Vibration Festival,
Harmony of the Cosmos, and numerous concerts in Poland and abroad.
Under the name Cura Sana, we have released albums: Medicine Music, Bird, and Nokumana.

The current lineup of the band includes:
Jarosław Kordys – founder and leader of the band, writes lyrics, sings, and plays many instruments.

Joanna Zielecka – transverse flute. Combines improvisation with elements of ethnic music.

Krzysztof (Yelenito) Jaroński – magical charango, driven by love for music.

Mateusz Szkop (SoundSutra) – percussion instruments and ethnic drums. Also associated with the Etnochowa association. During performances, combines tribal trance, African rhythms, and elements of music therapy.

Paweł Ziółkowski – keyboard and percussion instruments (Djembe). In playing, combines various musical genres.

Gosia Grudniak – vocalist and music producer also known under the alias Rita Raga. Instruments: ukulele, guitar, percussion.


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