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Didi Ananda Dayashiila

Topic: NeoHumanism - a ‘new vision’ for society change


“The inner psychic movement of human beings is completely rhythmic.  A portion of whatever happens in the outer world is adjusted with the inner psychic rhythm.  When there is maladjustment between the external physical rhythm and the internal psychic rhythm one feels distress. If our outer experience and inner rhythm are in harmony we find life pleasing, the mind can remain focused, we can access our creativity, our finer and subtler qualities.  However the modern western materialistic society is fast moving, lacking morality and balance”.

About the lecture:

Neohumanism is a ‘new’ vision for humanity to bring change to the society, to create a moral, progressive, holistic and spiritually based society.  It explains why the society and the world is facing crises on all levels. There has been great intellectual and technological advancements however these have not been in proper adjustment with the inner sphere of humanity.  Neohumanism provides the solutions, the direction which the collective humanity needs to focus to bring a change to the global thought process.

The first is a system of education based on moral and spiritual principles. The second is for the adults in the society to learn the proper way for psychic expansion through meditation and spiritual lifestyle.  The Ananda Marga organization’s aim is to promote and establish a social structure based on universalism.

This talk will outline and retrace the evolutionary journey of the human being to the modern day society. Unfortunately in the present day  the collective mind of the society is experiencing psychic staticity, due to the mind’s obsession with material accumulation and material pleasures.  When the mind is focused only on matter the scope for psychic expansion is blocked.  This results in a distressed state, an imbalanced state with no relief from the harshness of the crude material world. The crisis of today is a crisis of values.  Society requires holistic values that unite one and all.  The collective humanity needs guidance to move forward into a spiritually progressive era.

Meditation removes defective thinking, it is psychic purification so that the individual can experience deep peace.  This enables the intellect to become more subtle, to become intuitive.  Spirituality cultivates devotion for the supreme consciousness.  Devotion keeps our spiritual goal alive in each and every moment as we interact with all the diverse expressions of consciousness in our daily life.  For human beings there are two worlds the internal world and the external world.  It is only through meditation that a living being can experience the infinite consciousness that pervades the entire universe, to realize one’s interconnection to all and to merge in that eternal bliss.  Once one establishes that the goal of life involves a movement from crude to subtle, then life becomes meaningful life, becomes more charming, more interesting as it requires a constant endeavor to identify with that cosmic force.

Neohumanism has three stages the first stage of Neohumanism is spirituality as a practice, to individually perform the practices of yoga postures for regulating the body and practice the internal meditation of withdrawing the mind from the world, from the body and bringing it to a point, at that point one can connect to the supreme source of the universe the infinite consciousness.  The second stage is Neohumanism is spirituality as an essence, the uniting together with others, this creates a collective force.  The collective movement creates a new wave of thought in the collective mind of society.  Then the global thought process of humanity will change and strengthen the collective spirit of humanity. It will guide our energy, our intellect collectively to a higher ideal, to utilize this potential properly.

Philosophies, scientific developments and artistic expression need to lead humanity towards the goal of spiritual realization.  Neohumanism is a holistic approach to social change.   As more and more people transform their minds through meditation, realizing the interconnectedness of all, then the collective mind will become infused with the sentiment of Neohumanism, love will then awaken the heart of humanity and create a compassionate human society.   The third stage is spirituality as a mission of universal welfare to perform great deeds for the physical welfare, the psychic happiness and for the spiritual elevation of all.

Neohumanism will liberate people from inferiority complexes and inspire them to overcome the physical, psychic and social problems of today’s society.  It is time for change, for human beings to move forward to realize they are part of a universal family.

In conclusion:  Neohumanism stands for liberating the human intellect in two ways:

1. Cultivating devotion which is our most valuable human treasure, to keep our  spiritual goal alive throughout everyday life as we carry out all our worldly activities.

2. To establish a social structure based on universalism. A compassionate society based on the principles of social equality.

About the speaker:

Didi Ananda Dayashiila is a missionary yogic nun for the Ananda Marga organization. Ananda Marga is a socially active movement for self-realization through meditation and service to humanity. Ananda Marga has a unifying and comprehensive approach to social change. The founder of the Ananda Marga organization Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ( also known as P.R. Sarkar)  presented a philosophical theory called Neohumanism that redefines humanity with universalism playing a central role.

Didi Ananda Dayashiila’s secondary education was achieved at the Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne, Australia. Didi Ananda Dayashiila then graduated from Latrobe University with a diploma in nursing (1987). Didi Ananda Dayashiila worked for 5 years as local full time vounteer in Australia promoting neohumanist education, health practices and yogic lifestyle.  In 1993 to 1995 Didi trained to become a yogic missionary nun, with the final examinations held at the Ananda Marga Headquarters in India. Didi Ananda Dayashiila subsequently coordinated Neohumanist education projects in Holland, England and Sweden. She recently  work in Italy (2013 to 2020) where she was responsible for the spiritual lifestyle and health training in the Ananda Marga centers in most of the major cities of Italy. In Umbria Italy Didi established a women’s health and spiritual lifestyle retreat centre.  Since July 2020 Didi Ananda Dayashiila has worked in Espoo, Finland promoting neohumanist education, the health and yogic practices.




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