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Dr Sylwia Nadgrodkiewicz

Topic: Tuning forks concerts


When I realized that everything is synchronous and that the universe has a vibrational nature, sound became the key to change everything that happens to me. At some point, tuning forks came into my hands, which organized my life anew and confirmed my previous research and intuitions.

About tuning forks:

Tuning forks adjust the space inside and around us to healthy frequencies, cause deep relaxation of the body and mind, positively tune us from the inside, which seems especially valuable at this time of year. We live in electromagnetic smog, which disrupts all life processes. The more so that the devices around us were retuned in the middle of the last century from the natural frequency of 432 Hz to 440 Hz, which is unfavorable for humans. Healing tuning forks emit a natural wave on the Pythagorean scale, which restores us to a state of harmony and thus health. In this case, the frequency does not only work “by ear”. The physical wave enters the body directly. It reaches the very cells of the body very quickly and resonates with all the strings in our body, which are e.g. fascia, muscles or the DNA chain itself, etc.

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