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A&R&B Eiliakas

Topic: Mystycal Sound Journey GONG & AMBIENT


About the performance:

In the Quantum Sound Field, which creates an instrument with external power – Gong, your change unfolds, and the high-vibration sounds of crystal bowls, flutes, bells will awaken your Heart Consciousness and the Power with which it works.

Just be. Allow yourself to feel, let the sound of your action cleanse, awaken you to Life and Love. Remember who you really are.

The field of the mystical Sound Journey will be created by waves of unique instruments:

The powerful Mother Cosmo gong (160 cm), beautiful elemental gongs (125 cm), the sounds of crystal bowls, bells, flutes, pipes, shaman drums and others.

The GONG & AMBIENT concert is special in that the sounds of archaic instruments will be accompanied by cosmic – deep and elevated – music of keyboard instruments, providing a particularly moving experience.

About the artists:

Creators of Sound Journey: Alicja, Ryszard, Bartosz and Łukasz Eiliakas (Dragonfly Land, Lithuania).

Alicja and Ryszard have been conducting sound sessions, meditations, mystery concerts and sound therapy trainings in the Baltic States and many Eastern European countries for over 15 years. They are the founders of the Dragonfly Land Development Center (Laumžirgių Žemė / Dragonfly Land) near Vilnius.

Alicja Eiliakas – a psychologist and psychotherapist by education (existential therapy, art therapy, movement and dance therapy and sound therapy). Based on years of professional experience and spiritual exploration, Alicija develops her own workshops and transformational processes, creating a safe, healing space of love, helping people experience the guidance of their Soul by connecting with the deeper layers of the subconscious and expanding consciousness in many proprietary practices, such as “Deep Experience through Heart Breath”, Dance Meditations “Body Wisdom Meditation”, cocoa ceremonies, “Circles of Gratitude” and others.

Bartosz Eiliakas – musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist. His music is often called the Music of the New Era, because it lifts listeners to higher levels of consciousness, inspires and evokes lofty feelings.

His concerts are more like ceremonies, the participants of which travel through music, dance (often also cocoa) into altered states of consciousness.

Łukasz Eiliakas is the musician who embarked on a beautiful musical journey as Sound Mystery, starting with his guitar compositions. He plays acoustic guitar and electric handpans.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alicja.eiliakas/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063970683357

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@bartoseiliakas1666


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