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Emil Witt

Topic: Live set


Emil Witt – after many years of traveling through the Amazon Forest and the Peruvian Andes as a reporter, he turned his travels in search of the unknown into musical material. These songs contain all the feelings accompanying long lonely expeditions to the forgotten corners of the world, they bring the listeners closer to the mysticism of the rainforest and reflect the majesty and cool beauty of the trails of the Andean paths. In his musical material in the style of electronic-downtemp or undefined, Emil plays ethnic instruments, and adds dance energy to the whole thing with a synthesizer sound. The compositions sometimes feature recordings of nature from important moments in the artist’s life. Most of the songs were written by the author.

The concert at the Festival will feature material from the upcoming Towards the Sun album.

About the speaker:

Emil Witt – Free spirit, traveler, survivalist, reporter. For 9 years he has been exploring the Amazon forest, looking for places and people that are as little affected by civilization as possible. He organized his first expedition alone at the age of 18 when he went to the Brazilian rainforests for 2 months. Since then, he has been publishing reports and photographs in national media. As a storyteller and workshop participant, he visits festivals, events, cultural institutions and schools. He is an artistic soul; in between trips, he composes dance and mystical music, contemplates silence among forests, rivers and lakes, and constantly cherishes moments when time stands still.


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