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Topic: Live set


Experiencing my performance opens the door to a fairy-tale land where emotions flow from music, due to its sincerity and depth, they become almost tangible.

About the performance:

During the performance, I use elements of live looping, arranging songs in real time. I also do not regret the solo additions played on the keyboard, electric guitar, flute transverse or own voice. The genres in which I oscillate are trip-hop, downtempo, dub, organic-house. On the other hand, the unchanging elements are: organic, ethnic, psychedelic, trance and forest. In my sets, I intertwine remixed songs from original projects.

About the artist:

Music producer, singer. Privately, Krzysztof Komar, born in 1991 in Kielce. He has been producing music since 2009. Self-taught craft. I want to describe him music with words, you can use terms such as: woodsy, organic, psychedelic, electronic. Sensible genre inspirations include trip-hop, dub, dnb, house, downtempo, blues, alternative pop, world music. He played over a hundred concerts in the form of live act and dj set, in such places as: Kex Hostel (Reykjavik), Sfinks 700, Nowa Jerusalem, Prozak 2.0, Projekt Lab, Laundry Club, Las Festival, Organic Festival, Tribalanga Festival, Świętokrzyska Philharmonic, Men’s Playing. Twice he was the leader of a music group, at film workshops in France (Kinographe). Co-founder of the Etnika collective Electronics. Author’s editions: “De EP Fo Rest”, “Duualism”, “Ochenta”, “Mosq”. Cooperation: Kasia Moś, Quebonafide, Paprodziad, Rosalie, VNM, Kuban, Sitek, Kyöku and many others.

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