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Esta Polyesta

Topic: Ecstatic Trance Dance


Trance Dance is an opportunity to connect deeply with the self and travel inward and outward.

We will use music, repetitive movement and breath to reach trance state. This can result in an empty mind without trying too hard. If thoughts do present themselves in the head, there is no need to push them away, these thoughts can be the first step of a story that can unfold in a dreamlike state.

We will dance with a blindfold so you will not be distracted by the outside world. We embrace the darkness as empty canvas and teacher. The blindfold is a tool to journey inward, to return home.

Trance Dance is a ritual for the body and the soul. We will invite sacred space and a touch of magic.

For the session, bring, if you can: a blanket, a yoga mat , and blindfold.

Biographic note:

Esta Polyesta, seeker and traveler, dancer and DJ, has been hosting Trance Dances since 2010 and conscious dance events since 2005. She trained with different teachers and trainers in Europe and India.

Esta Polyesta from Amsterdam is one of the most prominent DJs in Global Beats, World Music and Ecstatic Dance in Europe.  She is the most active DJ, ceremony leader and facilitator in the Netherlands and one of the most international Ecstatic Dance DJs and Ceremony Leaders from the Netherlands. Ecstatic Dance has taken her to UK, USA, Thailand, Sweden, Romania, Germany, India, Russia, Portugal, Kazakhstan and many other places, including online sessions.

Her music style is flowing and adventurous, with delicate and smooth transitions between different tracks. She plays many styles and rhythms. Ethnic, world and ancestral music laced with beats, are at the core of her choice. Acoustic or electronic, fast or slow, break beats or flowing, ancient or modern, Esta Polyesta weaves it together into one journey that allows you to invite your emotions and to connect deeply with the self or others or just celebrate.

Esta Polyesta is a resident at The Source in Arambol, Goa and she played at Goa Ecstatic Dance Festival in Goa and Ecstatica Festival at Koh Phangan in Thailand. In the spring of 2019, Esta Polyesta taught and coached aspiring DJs at the Ecstatic DJ Training in Portugal. In 2020 Esta joined Dance The Medicine a world wide teaching platform that has successfully hosted a DJ conference and 2 Ecstatic Leadership trainings online.

From 2016 She worked at the Odessa ship project where she built up the Ecstatic Dance program and guided with her team the ceremony leaders, spaceholders and DJs for 3 years, until she was invited to join Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam, where she re-ignited the sparkle. During Covid-times she moved on to online dances and developed a way to do out-door headphone dances, while most activities were in lock-down. Early 2021 she moved to India again to facilitate dances there.

“Ecstatic Dance and rituals are my passion and my medicine, but a good dance at a festival or party can be healing or grounding too.” Festival and party invitations are happily accepted.

Together with her music partner Mashti she made remixes for Kaya Project and for Womex Festival artists. One of those tracks: Oum- Lik (Mashti and Polyesta remix), was published on the prestigious George V label of Buddha Bar compilations and on Radio Monte Carlo’s Cosmopolis Release.

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