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Topic: Gooral Live


For almost 20 years, Gooral has been combining the successes of highlander music with electronics and club music. Music involved in over 1,200 concerts in 20 countries, at many large European festivals, such as Pol’and’rock, Opener, Orange, Sziget, Exit, Colors of Ostarva and Audioriver.

The Bielszczan has released 7 studio albums and one dvd with ZPIT Mazowsze, which was Empik’s bestseller.

Music for Gooral is a way of development, something more than just entertainment.

From 2020, after the release of the album Ethno Elektro 2 (Wolno), the artist began to play downtempo live acts tuned to A-432Hz on a synthesizer, pipes, ocarinas, effects processors and a computer as below


In November 2022, the artist wrote a downtemp album entitled “Wolno 2” at the Guatemalan label Resueno, curated by Mose. The Warsaw live, which quickly became a sold-out tool, confirmed the good software of the artist and the spores of fans’ actions in the new version of Gooral.

Gooral’s achievements include Machinera (from Psio Crew), nominations for the Fryderyk Awards, sound design for the film South and Projekt z Paprodziad. Creating music for the theatrical performance, additionally “Krakowiacy i Górale” and his music was advertised, among others, in Opener festival for its 10th anniversary.

Gooral’s music is appreciated all over the world, as evidenced by the song “Krywaniu” from the album Ethno Elektro 2, on the compilation of the German sub-label Bar 25 Music, and “End of Beautiful Day” from the same album, being added to the compilation of Pipe and Pochet .

21.03.2023 Gooral together with Julia Scott released the song “Doducha” on the compilation Cacao Music Dance belongs on the Guatemalan label Resueno. The artist has also completed work on a v-ep with Julia Scott and is working on an original Techno project as Górny, scraps of which he will present at the Wibracje festival.

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