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Hania Darmas

Topic: Authentic Relationships - tantric and movement workshop


About the workshop:

Closeness, touch, intimacy… just a simple meeting with another person. Longing for a true deep connection. Opening up to authentic relationships is not only important and nourishing, but it can also be healing. Sometimes, one meeting can change your life!

I invite you to a workshop where you will have the opportunity to meet yourself, another person, and the world in a safe container. It will be about meeting in the here and now, about stopping, about being with yourself without losing yourself in the relationship, about looking deep within.

Through meditation in movement, tantric, choreotherapeutic, and gestalt exercises and games, you will have the opportunity to experience different facets of yourself.

Why? To build stable, balanced relationships full of curiosity, playfulness, and respect.

The lecture and workshop will take place in the Tantra Zone on Wednesday, from 16:00 to 18:00.

About the speaker:

Hania Darmas – Dance, psychology and working with people are my greatest passions. I can’t imagine my life without movement – it’s my love, life-giving energy, and my job. I have been running dance and development workshops for 15 years, and also tantric workshops for several years. Thanks to these forms of movement, I saw how much I can give to others through dance, how much women participating in classes can draw energy, joy from movement, de-stress.

I realized that I want to work on merging body and mind, I want to help people discover themselves, their needs and the unity of spirit and body through movement and dance. I discovered myself that dance is not only choreographies, stage, perfect movements, but also emotions, breath, medium of change, freedom. In recent years, I have participated in many courses and workshops of body work, tantra, personal development, yoga, meditation by. Osho, mindfulness, choreotherapy. I also conduct individual and couples sessions in the Gestalt psychotherapy trend. combining it with deep work with the body and movement. I am also a tantric masseuse, I do sessions of healing and developing sexuality – through expanding awareness, intimate communication and healing touch.

MILABO – A few years ago we founded “Milabo” – a space for women, men and couples, where they can develop personally, dance, practice yoga, explore tantra, meditation and work with the breath, relax, discover and fall in love with the body and soul, move, play, laugh, cry, scream, beautify… just BE. We run shorter stationary workshops, weekend tantric and development trips for Mana Elementa Women and “Together in Relation” for couples, and we organize bodywork festivals twice a year: Wabi Sabi Festival for Women in September and Serpiente Festival in January for Women and men.

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