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Iwona Wierzbicka

Topic: Mitochondria: the powerhouses of our bodies // Brain fog - improve the quality of your thinking


Iwona Wierzbicka – clinical dietitian with many years of experience in working with dietary patients. He will give two lectures at this year’s Festival.

Lectures in Polish only.

About the lectures:

1|”Mitochondria – they determine how much energy you have,

how fast you are aging and whether you are healthy”:

They say you are what you eat, but I prefer the saying that you are what your body does with the food you eat. In fact, it is not your stomach that needs food, but every cell of your body, including the mitochondria. Therefore, nutrition is not about filling up, but about nourishing the body. The efficiency of the mitochondria determines whether you are strong or weak, whether you are sick or healthy, and even how fast you age.

2|”Brain fog – why do you forgetand you have trouble concentrating?

Find out how to change it through diet and lifestyle”:

More and more research proves that inflammation of the body is the basis of many diseases, but also problems with memory, concentration, and even neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. The first symptoms may appear as early as around 30 years of age. Initially, you lack words, you forget, but you blame it on work, fatigue or the beginning of old age. If you do nothing about it, it will only get worse. You take nootropics, ginko bilboa, lecithin or other supplements and there is no improvement? It will not! Because you are not solving the basic problems of your brain – inflammation and death of brain cells as a consequence of insulin resistance. The brain needs glucose, but it is glucose that often leads to overweight, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and, paradoxically, problems with concentration.

About the speaker:

Iwona Wierzbicka – clinical dietitian with many years of experience in working with dietary patients. Since 2008, he has been running his own Ajwendieta dietary clinic. He approaches the patient holistically, i.e. holistically: head, body, diet, lifestyle, supplementation, looking for the root cause, not the symptom. He is primarily a practitioner, but also a theoretician who is based on scientific research.


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