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Jarosław Arkadiusz Kordys

Topic: Revolution in the system - case study


The story of a man who was sentenced to a long-term maximum security prison for a ceremony with sacred plants, and finally pardoned by the President after two years behind bars.

Lecture in polish.

The story of my true story of many years of work with Amazonian medicine, which ended with accusations of drug trafficking, a two-year court battle and a stay in prison.

Finally, I was pardoned by the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman.

The whole case received a loud echo in the Czech and European media, initiating a social discussion on legislative changes regarding entheogens. The application for my pardon was submitted by the Minister of Justice, Pavel Blażek, and was also signed by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

At the festival, I will tell you about the extraordinary stories that have accompanied me from the beginning to the present, that is, until our meeting at the Vibrations Festival.

What I experienced could serve as a script for a good sensational movie. Only this story really happened.

About the speaker:

Jarosław has been working with healing plants since 2012. He conducted hundreds of ceremonies in many countries in Europe and South America.

He has released several music albums with Cura Sana mantras and shamanic music. These compositions can also be found on several websites.

Thanks to many experiences with the work of Amazonian shamans, he has developed his own unique method of organizing ceremonies. During these ceremonies, he used his experience and knowledge about the health and relaxation effects of music and shamanic musical instruments, Rappe and many healing Amazonian herbs, the correct way of breathing and the action of nature.

Jarek was found guilty of a particularly serious offense of illegal manufacture and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic drugs and poisons and sentenced to an unconditional sentence of 8.5 years in a maximum security prison. His beloved wife was also sentenced to many years in prison, and finally his entire house and property were ordered to be confiscated.

In November 2023, after two years behind bars, the spouses were pardoned by the President of the Czech Republic, their freedom and property were returned to them.


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