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Jerzy Słoma Słomiński

Topic: "I have a spirit, the spirit has me" - drumming workshops


We invite you to the drum workshops “I have a spirit, the spirit has me”
Grab your drum and join the circle!

Workshop meetings and playing together in the Circle is a return to the beginning of music. To SILENCE and pulsation. As part of playing simple rhythmic forms and singing together, workshop participants will be guided towards experiencing unity with everything and everyone.

About the speaker:

Musician and architect. He composes music and sings. Considered a precursor of drumming in Poland. He has several music albums to his credit. Inspired by African rhythms. Founder of musical formations. He has collaborated with with Jacek Kleyff, Orkiestra Na Zdrowie, Brygada Kryzys, Osjan, Orkiestra Together, Izrael and Antonina Krzysztoń.

He conducts unusual drumming workshops for both beginners and professionals. For lack of another word, Słoma is often portrayed as a Slavic shaman, which he absolutely disagrees with. The fact is that his way of playing, as well as his workshops, are characterized by a focus on the energetic pulsating impact of playing percussion instruments. What we play affects us, other players and the whole environment. Straw teaches cooperation in the sound sphere and respect for silence. It is always playing with intention. It activates the dancers, supports the singers and serves them. This is the science of controlled trance. It’s basically meditation, collective meditation.

Jerzy Słoma Słomiński about himself: I am 65 years old. I’ve been playing rhythms since I was fourteen. Between 1976 and 1982 I studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, playing drums all the time. In 1982, in a village near Lublin, I started making drums. It was a time of change and discovery. Every moment is like this. The time for change and discovery is also NOW.

The workshop was conducted by Jacek Ostaszewski, I was an assistant. Those were the old days: the eighties. After parting with Osian, I started a series of my own workshops.

I used to say about them: “I’m Your Rhythm, You’re My Rhythm

What I invite you to at Wibracje is something completely new again!

Remaining an old grandfather with certain skills, I greet and invite you to the epic, 7th edition of Wibracje in 2023.

As the organizers of the Festiwal Wibracje, we will add an introduction to the above biography: “Jerzy Słoma Słomiński – a man of legend, of incredible modesty. We are glad that you will be with us.”

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