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Karin Lesiak

Topic: The essence of true joy - the yoga of laughter


Workshop in Polish only.

About the workshop:

Joy is a natural human state, but the ability to feel it is already a skill that needs to be improved. Excess of stressful situations is the cause of the loss, or maybe only dormancy of inner joy. We bring a smile into this world with us and we can smile before we start talking or understanding jokes. This is why children laugh naturally. It is the adult ego that controls and analyzes whether it is appropriate to laugh, and chronic tension in the body does not allow for free expression.

What if we go back to the childish way and let ourselves laugh… A conscious decision!

I assure you that your attitude will change and you will feel the vibration of joy, happiness and peace. Your inner joy will return and positively affect not only you, but also your loved ones. Change almost always starts with you.

In addition, during the lecture you will learn the essence of true joy. Get ready for a lecture, laughter yoga practice, smile meditation and a surprise. Take with you water to drink, a mat for relaxation (optional) and be.

A few words about the method: Laughter yoga is a concept that assumes that laughter can be induced without the use of jokes or comedy. The exercises are inspired by children’s play and improvisational theater and are combined with breathing exercises. The session is conducted in a group and in eye contact, which makes laughter contagious and quickly becomes natural and spontaneous. The method was developed by doctor Madan Kataria in 1995.

“When you laugh, you change. And when you change, the world around you changes too.”

~ Madan Kataria

About the speaker:

Laughter yoga trainer since 2013. She completed her teaching training with a certificate from the creator of the method, Dr. Madan Kataria.

She conducts trainings, workshops and mini-sessions of laughter yoga for companies and individuals. He speaks at many prestigious conferences, e.g. TEDx, International Happiness at Work Summit. For many years, she has been associated with the Vibrations Festival, where she runs laughter yoga workshops.

Approximately 100,000 people participated in laughter yoga workshops and sessions, and thanks to them they gained a smile and more joy in their lives. Her dream is to reach a million Polish women and men with laughter yoga, so that everyone can live with greater inner joy and a natural, sincere smile on their faces.



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