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Kasia Burzyńska & Yuliya Dzichkouskaya

Topic: Proximity in motion - a workshop for children and parents


Workshop in polish only.

About the workshop:

Closeness in the Movement is an opportunity to meet and build understanding with the child and with each other.

Parents and children will have a chance to experience a different form of communication and strengthen the parent-child bond through movement activities based on elements of contact / improvisation, improvisation and work with metaphor. Touch is one of the most important elements of proper human development and the most important element of proximity in motion.

Pleasure, presence, attention to each other are the basic principles of our meetings.

It is a science of conscious and authentic movement that is co-created in the parent-child relationship. Through movement activities, focusing on the body and working with the imagination, we integrate the activities of both cerebral hemispheres. This allows you to deepen the most important relationship in a child’s life and base it on a safe touch, closeness and trust. All this to be able to share your experiences and needs, to develop a sense of being valuable, seen and taken into account. important.

We will run, jump, roll, breathe, fly and fall, laugh and develop spontaneity. These are tools that help develop 4 important elements of a good and supportive relationship: readiness to play, acceptance, curiosity and empathy.

During the workshop, we operate in two ways:

  • we develop motor skills and body awareness
  • we strengthen trust and self-confidence, self-esteem

We will leave our adult responsibilities before we enter the common space. Our basic principle will be the lack of coercion and the need to meet a certain standard.

About the speakers:

Kasia Burzyńska – I am a psychologist and I graduated from the school of integratively oriented ACA / DDD psychotherapy.

I practice dance and movement – improvisation, contact improvisation and body awareness building techniques, using them in my work with the SzurSure artistic collective, in a psychotherapeutic office and in everyday life.

It explores movement and touch as an alternative form of communication and a tool used in the development of adults and children. I run a psychoeducational instagram https://www.instagram.com/psychosoczewka/”> @psychosoczewka.

In preparation for work, I had my own psychotherapy. She works under supervision in accordance with the code of ethics of a psychotherapist.

Yuliya Dzichkouskaya – member of Laboratorium Teatralno Społecznego (LTS), co-founder of the Performative Collective SzurSure specializing in site-specific activities. For 6 years she has been involved in dance improvisation, drawing from improvisation, partnering, contact improvisation, awareness techniques, authentic movement, contemporary dance. She completed an experimental choreography course at Centrum w Ruchu in 2018. Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in 2019.
In working with children and adult children, she focuses on working with imagination, seeking pleasure, authenticity and spontaneity in movement.

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