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Katarzyna Mikulska

Topic: The role of spices in the kitchen. Influence on digestion, absorption of microelements.


Lecture in Polish only.

About the lecture:

In the world of science, there is an assumption that the use of spice plants must have occurred a long time ago, long before the development of agriculture and the transition to a sedentary lifestyle. It probably happened as a result of the use of herbs for medicinal purposes, or it happened simultaneously, because most spice plants are treated as a spice and medicine. Modern research confirms that the substances contained in the organs of spice plants actively affect the human body. Mostly for the digestive and nervous systems.

The lecture will concern the important role played by spices in the daily human diet and the impact they have on our health.

About the speaker:

Katarzyna Mikulska – herbalist – practitioner, cultural animator, graduate of the University of Lodz. She has been gaining her herbal and phytotherapeutic practice for many years. She studied with Machajka – a village herbalist/quack doctor. From 2004 she was a free student at the Medical University of Lodz and a volunteer at the Brothers Hospitallers in Lodz.


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