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Konrad Kuśnierzewski

Topic: Release Masculine Energy


About the workshop:

This is not a gym, fitness or martial arts school. Although you will definitely exercise, tire and sweat here. Your heart will beat faster, oxygenated blood will reach every cell in your body. And after the workshops, you will feel more energy and desire to live.

This is not psychodrama. Although you will certainly have the opportunity to scream, tear and stomp out different emotions. To release old anger, sadness, fears and low self-esteem. And after the workshops, you will react differently to the reality around you, and it will be easier for you to interact with other people.

The RELEASE YOUR MASCULINE ENERGY workshop is a meeting with your emotions in your body. Because we experience and express emotions with our bodies. We are afraid with our bodies, get angry with our bodies, enjoy with our bodies and love with our bodies. But life has often forced us to block this healthy physical expression. Following the pattern of the good boy who never gets angry, the tough guy who never fears, or James Bond, who only loves coldly, we have taught our bodies to stay in control, tense and frozen.

At the RELEASE YOUR MASCULINE ENERGY workshop, we will awaken the body, breath and inner feeling to regain physical contact with emotions. We will thaw out, let go of control, and activate our life energy. So that finally, we can live better and freer.

About the speaker:

This text describes a man who is a father of two teenage sons and has had various professions and interests. He worked as a telecommunications expert and trainer in international corporations for many years. He has always been interested in human behavior, the human psyche, and what motivates and drives us. He has explored many paths of personal development, including psychotherapy, shamanism, tantra, and Lowen’s work, and has creatively combined them in his conscious work with the body and breath.

He is a personal development trainer who has completed the Holistic Trainers School. He is a certified Transpersonal Breathwork practitioner and trainer who has completed the Professional Breathwork Training at the Institute of Breath. He is a graduate of the Men’s Groups School. He conducts individual breathwork sessions, breathwork and personal development workshops, and bodywork workshops in various locations in Poland. He also co-creates summer camps for fathers and sons.


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