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Łukasz Łuczaj

Topic: Biodiversity in your garden. Why our future depends on it


About the lecture:

Gardens are usually perceived as unimportant spaces, the area around the house where we have a lawn and a hedge. However, in the current crisis of biodiversity, they may become its mainstay. In 1997, on abandoned farmland, I experienced a garden whose main components are native forest, meadow and aquatic species, especially wild edible species. I described my experiences in the book “Wild Garden”.

During the lecture, I will tell you how to set up such a garden, what are the principles of protecting and increasing biodiversity, and how to protect biodiversity without having your own land, by cultivating the so-called gardening guerrilla.

About the speaker:

Łukasz Łuczaj is a professor of biology at the University of Rzeszów. For over a quarter of a century, he has been developing his Wild Garden in the Carpathian Foothills, where he maintains a landscape focused on preserving and increasing biodiversity. Łukasz is also the most prolific Polish ethnobotanist, the author of several books on wild cuisine, wild life and wild gardens, and the organizer of research expeditions in the Balkans, the Caucasus, China and Laos.

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