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Marcin Kacprzyk

Topic: Costka natural building


Workshop in Polish only.

About the workshop:

In today’s world, people more and more often consciously choose what they eat, what they wear, what they move about. They pay more and more attention to the impact it has on the environment and themselves. However, they rarely consider whether the space they live in also affects them. Today’s “traditional” construction is based mainly on construction chemicals, and yet our “tradition” is natural materials. For some time, houses built of wood, stone, straw and clay have been making a comeback. They are a response to the desire to have a healthy home that will be friendly to both its inhabitants and the environment.

About the speaker:

Enthusiast and promoter of natural construction. Member of the National Natural Building Association (OSBN). Owner of Costka Budownictwo Naturalne. He gained experience over the years, starting with conventional construction works, mainly interior design and design. However, the passion for nature was stronger. For several years, he has been working exclusively with natural, low-processed and locally sourced materials such as straw, wood and clay. Using traditional craftsmanship combined with modern solutions, he creates spaces that are atmospheric, comfortable and, above all, NATURAL.



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