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Marcin Krzeszewski

Topic: Cheap and beautiful permaculture habitat


Lecture in Polish.

About the lecture “Cheap and beautiful permaculture habitat: from words to deeds”:

The beauty of human habitats should not result from evenly trimmed lawns, hedgerows, flower beds or other energy-consuming inventions of degenerative culture, rich, Western civilization. The true beauty we long for can only be designed in harmony with Nature, embedding infrastructure that supports human existence into a multifunctional ecosystem that provides, among other things, energy, shelter and food not only for its inhabitants, but for every form of life that will be a part of it.

The lecture, along with a slideshow, will cover the permaculture design process that can be applied to any human habitat. Such “fusion” of infrastructure supporting human existence in:

  • ● local microclimate,
  • ● landform
  • ● the existing ecosystem,

…& taking into account:

  • ● needs, resources and limitations of the caretakers (inhabitants) of the habitat
  • ● energies reaching the designed area (sun, rain, wind, etc.
  • ● catchment area and many other factors,

… is the most reasonable step that our civilization can take in the era of current crises, which are the result of irresponsible management of the planet’s limited resources.

From the visions, dreams, words and plans of the guardians of a given fragment of our Planet, through careful observation and collection of data about the habitat, analysis of this data, to the creation of the project, its implementation, management, evaluation and adjustment of the project.

All in a 90 minute pill.

The lecture will take place in the Alchemist Zone on Friday from 16:00 to 17:00.

About the speaker:

Krzeszewski Marcin – certified designer, consultant and teacher of Permaculture, since 2019 he has been consulting projects of small and large habitats and ecovillages. Since 2015, in the spirit of “do it yourself”, he has been creating and improving the elements of the Kalpapāda Permaculture Demonstration Habitat on a low budget, i.e. a system for collecting, filtering and storing rainwater, a forest hut made of straw and clay cubes, an accumulation rocket stove, a composting toilet, vermicomposters, a photovoltaic installation “off-grid” (without connection to the power grid), solar shower, solar drying room, summer kitchen with clay bread oven, semi-wild garden, cellar made of baked bricks, etc.

A modest life led him to the zero waste path and to the creative perception of local resources, thinking with energies, minimizing bills and carbon footprint. He runs the Kalpapāda blog, a Facebook page and workshops on permaculture design, where he demonstrates the construction and operation of individual elements of the habitat.

He also shares his positive approach, the “DA SIĘ” attitude and passion for permaculture, freedom and forest life in the vast space of the Internet.


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