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Marianna Kłosińska

Topic: Free education in practice - Q&A session


Wszystko, o co zechcecie zapytać na temat różnorodności form spełniania obowiązku szkolnego w Polsce.

Lecture in Polish.

Do you know what it means that in Poland you can “fulfill your school duty outside of school”? Do you know how home education works? What are democratic schools? What are free schools? Is Unschooling possible in Poland? Do children who do not have regular lessons, tests and grades learn anything? And what about English? Do you have to study mathematics regularly to pass the exam? Can a person who doesn’t go to school graduate and go to college? Is it possible to study without a high school diploma? How to find free schools? How to tell if it’s a school or a sect? Is it better to pay a governess or send a child to a forestry school?

These and many other questions will be answered by Marianna Kłosińska, who started using the word Unschooling in Poland a dozen or so years ago, and soon after founded one of the first free democratic schools. She co-creates the free education movement by being an activist of the international community of democratic schools. At the same time, she runs NGOs and private schools, being up to her ears in education law and in activism for the protection of the right to home education in Poland. Her dream is to run a free democratic school and she strives to provide a full spectrum of diversity of free forms of education in Poland.


About the speaker:

Founder and president of the Bullerbyn Foundation for a community of children and adults and the Children Have a Voice Foundation. The author of the Bullerbyn Village project, which she has been implementing continuously for over 15 years. IN
In 2012, she founded the Free Democratic School Bullerbyn, and in the following years Ronja Primary School, Bullerbyn Primary School and Astrid High School.

Educational activist in the field of home education and democratic education in Poland and in international movements. She was a member of the bodies of the European democratic education association EUDEC.

She studied graphic arts at the European Academy of Fine Arts. A graduate of the Educational Leadership Academy and the Pathways Facilitation School.

She is a supporter of building decentralized organizations, in which she greatly values ​​working in contact with people, autonomy and continuous development. She believes in the power of bottom-up change in education, which she sees in cooperation between adults in supporting and respecting the autonomy of the child.
Mom of three adults. Their appearance in the world built her motivation and inspiration to harmoniously combine passion, love and professional life.


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