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Archery Zone – noble archery

Topic: archery workshop


“Marksmanship Zone” what does it mean? For me as an archer, the zone is where I am.

I can hit a target walking down the street or riding a tram, it’s a visualization technique. When I stand in front of the target, I will not hit it because I want to, I will only do it from where I am standing by performing repetitive sequences in the correct position in relation to the target. Trusting my muscle memory and focusing on my breathing, I look for balance between the right and left sides of my body.

Now the most important moment, i.e. the lack of the most important moment :), the mind cannot move at any moment, paradoxically the mental tension decreases when at the same time the bow tension increases, and the shot is fired, but not caused by our impulse but caused by the filling of the strength in our body , referring to Japanese metaphors, the drop bends the leaf, but when it reaches the limit of the stem’s tension, it must fall. It happens in a natural way, without violence, so it is not important whether the arrow reaches the target, but how….. people practicing archery agree on its therapeutic aspect, archery is accompanied by a state of calm, there is a break from thinking until the feeling of EMPTY appears.

During the workshop, I will show bows and arrows from different parts of the world and explain the differences between them. I will also present different shooting techniques. In the second part, I invite participants to tackle the issue of archery tangibly, because knowledge is best gained through experience.


Norbert Kopczyński will lead the Marksmanship Zone on Wibracje for the third time.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, he took up archery and 29 years ago, he was the first in Poland to practice horse archery. Norbert is the only horse archer in the world who won the title of World Champion twice in 2009 and 2013 in Sokcho, Korea – the cradle of Korean ŁK.

He was the face of the 10th jubilee World Championships. held in Seoul. He enjoys great authority in the world, especially in Korea, Jordan (a trip at the invitation of the king), Turkey, Australia, Japan, USA, England, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia, Iran, China, Mongolia. He became, in a way, an ambassador of the Polish school of ŁK. in the world.

One of the greatest training successes is leading the players of the Australian team to win two gold medals at the World Championships. in Korea in 2015. In 2017, another training resulted in defending the title.

Horse archery brings Poland many medals, currently it is developing very dynamically in the world and its level is increasing. It stops being fun and turns into a feat. In 2016, in Korea, it entered the Martial Arts Olympics program as a discipline.

The zone operates on Friday and Saturday.

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