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Marta Ewa Ozenu

Topic: Zen Coaching – joyful slowness


About the lecture:

ZEN COACHING is an approach that helps you reach the inner source of joy, peace, freedom and strength. It supports in conscious contact with oneself and the environment. It encourages you to live your full potential, in accordance with your needs. It is also a method of supporting people in solving problems and realizing their dreams. Thanks to it, people gain inner peace, find a balance between professional and private life, increase self-esteem, change their lives into the one they dreamed of.

More information about Zen Coaching is available at: http://www.zencoachingpolska.pl

About the speaker:

MOCLove Presence Curiosity – the values ​​it shares and invites to.

It supports and inspires in discovering your own POWER and the way to joyful peace and harmony.

She loves dancing, traveling, meditation – she practices life to the full in every “here and now”. Certified international facilitator of OSHO® Active Meditations and (the first in Poland and the second in the world) certified Senior Coach in the Zen Coaching approach.

Author of the annual away workshops “MOC Presence” and “Immersion in Truth” and the main teacher of Zen Coaching training in Poland. On a daily basis, he conducts meditations, workshops and online coaching sessions with passion, in Poland and in various other countries.

A certified Professional Coach, Sociologist by education, with a degree in Management, also in Social Communication and PR.

For 5 years, she co-created the Coaching and Mentoring Center of the Kozminski University in Warsaw. Creator, content director and lecturer at the Academy of Modern Coaching Management at the Management Academy of Applied Sciences in Warsaw.




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