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Marta Kuśpit and Darek Chwiejczak

Topic: The experience of healing with love - Emotion Code


Workshop in polish only.

About the workshop “The experience of healing with love – Emotion Code”:

We will conduct a workshop where you will feel the captivating vibration of unconditional love. We will conduct a group healing session – leaving the space of emotional pain, difficult memories and ailments in the physical body. We will help you see the beauty of your delicacy and establish deep contact with your inner child. We will conduct a meditation on the experience of Who I Am. You’ll see how to find the cause – and how to heal it. You will learn effective ways to deal with emotions and regain inner peace. It’s a wonderful way to strengthen and repair relationships. In our work, we use Dr. Nelson’s Emotional Code, Dr. Hawkins and more. We have conducted thousands of healing sessions with sensational results – our work is our passion.

About the speakers:

Marta Kuśpit – I am a holistic therapist. I specialize in working with the subconscious at the level of emotions and beliefs. I combined the Emotion Code and the Body Code with my intuition, which helps me to precisely find the source of problems and ailments in the body. I solve problems related to life conflicts, overweight and psychosomatic ailments. I work with women on empowerment
self-confidence, releasing fear, coping with emotions. I run my own spiritual coaching for women.

Original program transforming and supporting women in remembering their inner power: https://kodemocji.pl/coaching-kobiet/

Darek Chwiejczak – I am a therapist, personal development trainer, creator of meditations that release emotions. I am an enthusiast and expert in kinesiology, I have completed Dr. Sheldon Deal. I have experience in management – I run sessions of releasing emotions related to business and money. I specialize in relieving chronic pain, releasing allergies, strengthening immunity and restoring balance after loss, breakups and difficult experiences, including PSTD.


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