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Monika Podsiadła

Topic: Living in an ecovillage. Relations and principles of cooperation


About the lecture:

Cooperation and relationships of life in a group is the key to the success or failure of each community. At the Festival, I will talk with my friend from Switzerland about what it’s like to live in such a community, what principles of action and cooperation work, and what is the best way to start such a project.

In 2015-2017, we implemented the project: “Eco-village Incubator” in cooperation with other partners from G.E.N. (Global Ecovillage Network) from European national networks.

Based on experience and many years of practice, we learned from each other and tested on the living tissue of some of the ecovillage communities a creative tool for building a group, as well as supporting building a platform for conflict resolution, and even saving it from disintegration.

You are interested? We invite you!

The lecture “Good Seeds” will take place on Friday, from 12:00 to 13:30 in the Alchemist Zone.

About the speaker:

I am a culture animator by education, and a permaculture animator by passion. For over 25 years I have been living in the countryside in an alternative community and I am creating the Educational Center Gardens of Permaculture, where I invite people to try out life in the countryside and in a group, in an eco-village. I cooperate with the movement of ecovillages in Europe, and here in Poland I am active in this matter.

Permaculture is my life, it flows in my blood, as well as a holistic approach, searching for ways to return to the source, or striving for freedom.

I am the co-author of the book “Permaculture Gardens. Touch the Earth”.

Every year I organize the PermaCulture Festival bringing together enthusiasts of topics related to building self-sufficient habitats, striving for greater independence.

On a daily basis, I cultivate permaculture gardens and fulfill my permaculture dreams by creating the world around me by designing or inspiring with action.

Like a cat, I often tread my own paths, I make new ones.

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