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Mushroom zone

Topic: lectures, meetings


The zone of fantastic mushrooms is a lecture space, forum and art gallery where you will experience and learn more deeply the extraordinary world of the kingdom of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a vast kingdom of organisms, occupying almost every ecosystem. They are doctors, gravediggers and donors of micronutrients for us. They join forests in the information network of the thallus. They can be tiny, and they can be great superorganisms. There are predatory fungi, there are parasites, and finally there are symbiotes. They operate in every sphere of global life and in the life of every individual.

Drawing inspiration for various activities related to mushrooms, we want to introduce and introduce them to you on many levels: from cooking mushroom power soup, research on the healing potential of many species, through the historical aspects of the human-fungal bond, to the possibilities of their wider use in the future.

During lectures, tastings and shows you will meet enthusiasts and professionals, scientists and cooks. Each of them will contribute to understanding the existing interdependence between people and fungi and how they affect our whole life.

In a fantastic mycogallery, we will take care of your needs related to art, also functional. In a friendly space, we will give you the opportunity to discover the next levels of your imagination through contact with artists, discussion and compassion. Together with the creators, we will analyze and interpret the presented works, we will enter the world of painting, sculpture and fine arts. In the joint creation, we will create an artistic forum where it will be possible to exchange opinions, contacts and smiles.


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