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Natalia de Barbaro

Topic: The Four Freedoms - How to Practice Them?


Lecture in Polish.

Subject of the lecture: The four freedoms and how to practice them?

  1. First freedom. “Feel your feelings” – freedom as the courage of insight
  2. Second freedom. “Do what serves you” – freedom as transcending reflexes
  3. Third freedom. “You are you and I am I” – freedom as separation from those we love
  4. Fourth freedom. “Live your life” – freedom as a practice of lightness

About the speaker:

Natalia de Barbaro – Psychologist, author of the books “Tender Guide”, “Przędza” (premiere March 8, 2023) and a collection of poems “Krwawnik, dandelion, ułudka”. He conducts his own workshops  Własny Peace, Wild Girls and Tender Strings. Her book “Tender Guide”, published at the end of February 2021, became EMPIK’s bestseller of the year in the “Personal Development” category and will be published in nine countries (Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Portugal, Germany). Winner of many awards.

Natalia de Barbaro

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