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Norbert Kopczyński

Topic: Noble Archery Part 2: Hit the target without intending to


The art of marksmanship is to let go of the desire to hit…

Lecture in Polish only.

About the lecture:

The archer must realize or experience the fact that it is impossible to place an arrow in the center of the target by some trick, such as by sight. The desire to hit the target only distracts us from the most important things. First, you need to work out a repeatable movement pattern, based primarily on balance, i.e. the ratio of the bow’s pushing force to the stretching of the string. The ratio should be 50%/50%. Repeatability of shot power is another foundation. Breath and calm mind. These are the main conditions for the arrow to glide where we aimed it.

So the shot is from here and now, a clear mind I would interpret as a meditative state where each shot is single and unrepeatable. Each subsequent one in the series, of course, carries the experience of the previous ones, but it cannot be an attempt to consciously repeat the shot, which happens especially when, for example, we shoot the first shot very well (this usually happens, because the first shot has something virginal about it, is the most intuitive) and then we want to repeat it, but it is no longer a pure situation.

You have to strive for each shot to be the first (or last if you prefer) and unique. To achieve this, an empty mind is needed, devoid of the desire to hit, which hit becomes the cause of euphoria that disturbs our peace. Indifference to success, peace and breath, a paradox that is necessary to achieve “mastery”.


About the speaker:

Norbert Kopczyński will lead the Marksmenship Zone for the third time at Wibracje.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, he took up archery and 29 years ago, he was the first in Poland to practice horse archery. Norbert is the only horse archer in the world who won the title of World Champion twice in 2009 and 2013 in Sokcho, Korea – the cradle of Korean ŁK.

He was the face of the 10th jubilee World Championships. held in Seoul. He enjoys great authority in the world, especially in Korea, Jordan (a trip at the invitation of the king), Turkey, Australia, Japan, USA, England, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia, Iran, China, Mongolia. He became, in a way, an ambassador of the Polish school of ŁK. in the world.

One of the greatest training successes is leading the players of the Australian team to win two gold medals at the World Championships. in Korea in 2015. In 2017, another training resulted in defending the title.

Horse archery brings Poland many medals, currently it is developing very dynamically in the world and its level is increasing. It stops being fun and turns into a feat. In 2016, in Korea, it entered the Martial Arts Olympics program as a discipline.

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