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Paulina Święcańska

Topic: Animal Flow // Contact improvisation


About the workshop: Center – stabilization and balance

As an animal flow and pilates contemporary dance instructor, I will use these techniques to work with the center of the body, strengthening it and increasing the flexibility of the body and expanding the range of motion. Awareness of the center and working with it also balances and balances our emotions, thanks to which we become more relaxed, calm and confident. A strong physical center of the body also translates into a stable and balanced psyche. Each physical training builds discipline in us, allows you to leave the comfort zone and realize both the weaker and stronger sides, as well as determine the point where we are now. What we want to do with it is up to us.

An important element of the training will be working with the spine – strengthening the skeleton and muscles stabilizing the figure. Elements of the training include spirals, rotations, forward and backward bends having a rehabilitation character for the spine of our energy center in the body.

About the workshop: Contact meets improvisation

This workshop is built on the foundations of the first “Center – stabilization and balance”. If we have a strong and conscious body center, we can freely improvise and interact with other people, knowing our capabilities and limits. During this workshop we will work with contact improvisation and improvisation techniques, creating a unique dance based on the flow of bodies in motion using momentum in giving and receiving body weight and working with gravity.

Improvisation and movement tasks will help us in the search for curiosity, spontaneity and fun in movement in a couple and in a group. The whole process will be carried out in soft motion qualities , taking into account the levels of movement, different pace and different types of touch.

It is worth reading the last text from the 13th edition of the Warsaw Contact Improvisation Flow Festival:


About the speaker:

Paulina Święcańska – Multidisciplinary artist creating in the matter of dance, film, painting and broadly understood cultural animation and coaching through art. Since 2011, he has been co-creating the PERFORM Art Foundation, where he develops educational and research activities both in Poland and in cooperation with foreign partners in the ERASMUS + program. She actively works as a choreographer, creating inclusive works for people with physical disabilities, seniors and youth. In her choreographic work, she combines professional artists from various fields of art with amateurs and enthusiasts, creating projects on the border of art, education and social activities. He implements projects related to site-specific activities for local communities. In his artistic work, he uses, among others, techniques and methods of working with the body such as contact improvisation, authentic movement, body work improvisation, floor work, animal flow and pilates. Since 2019, she has been involved in VEDIC ART intuitive painting, pouring and since 2021 in neurographics.

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