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Phao Sanato

Topic: Together In Harmony. Vocal workshop


Together In Harmony is a vocal and movement workshop, based on the original method of working with the voice created by Phao Sanato.

The workshop will be based on the state of complete inner relaxation and reconciliation with the critic. These tools help you achieve the Divine Flow that is essential for voice medicine to work. Participants of the Workshop will improve breath support, voice emission and clarity. They will also gain more self-confidence by communicating with focus.

The workshop is addressed to every being who has ever communicated in their life with sound and wants to develop this skill.

The aim of the workshop is to learn how to tune voices to create vocal harmonies. The workshop will start with getting into the feeling of the body and focusing on the breath using exercises based on cooperation in pairs. Next, the participants will shift their focus to practicing the techniques of free voice emission, white singing, flamenco or oriental ornamentation techniques. After finding the most resonant voice emission techniques, the participants, together with the host, will sing healing songs connecting the space of the center with the surrounding world.

About the artist:

Vocalist, vocal coach, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.

Music pumps blood through his veins. Present since childhood, it allows him to decorate time, express emotions and be medicine for the soul.

He has been working with his voice since the age of seven, when he started his education at a music school. His favorite creative tool is his voice, but he is equally proficient with guitar, live looping, keyboards and groovebox. He has released 3 albums and over a hundred performances in clubs and festivals in Europe, Asia and Morocco. A graduate of the jazz music school named after Krzysztof Komeda. Co-creator of the projects: Makiwara (lyrics, vocals, arrangement) and Gaja (guitar, arrangement, composition, production).

Since the summer of 2022, he has been conducting solo activities.

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