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Piotr Łysoniewski

Topic: Circadian rhythm according to Chinese medicine // Acupressure - an effective tool to fight stress!


Lectures in Polish only.

1| About the lecture “Circadian rhythm according to Chinese medicine”:

The circadian rhythm is the basic pillar of a properly functioning, healthy body. Therefore, if we want to have strong immunity, digest well, have a great mood, we must take care of the right rhythm. It is also related to the regulation of our endocrine system – so if we see problems here, we should work with the circadian rhythm in the first place!
Lecture only in Polish.

2| About the lecture “Acupressure – an effective tool to fight stress!”:

Acupressure is an effective and very simple technique derived from i.a. from ancient China. It consists in selecting the appropriate meridians or acupuncture points and stimulating them – most often with the use of hands. Such treatments have been considered a home remedy for many centuries to improve many of the most important functions of our body and well-being. It is worth getting to know this method that everyone can use on themselves or their loved ones – it is easy to perform and fast in its operation, and most importantly … completely free!

The lecture “MOKSA – How to Perform It at Home” will take place in the Body Zone on Thursday, from 16:00 to 18:00.

The lecture “Herbs for Blood” will take place in the Herb Zone on Saturday, from 16:00 to 18:00.

About the speaker:

Piotr Łysoniewski – naturotherapist, psychodietitian, therapist and dietician of Chinese medicine, originator of the concept of Taijitu – holistic therapies. He has both extensive knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition and cooking – both in Polish and oriental cuisine. In his work, he uses techniques taken from Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine and combines them with the Five Elements cuisine, so that the food not only provides the fullness of its taste, but is a medicine for our Body and Soul.



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