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Roman Nowak

Topic: Electrotherapy and electromagnetism in the revitalization of the body and the recovery and maintenance of health


About the lecture:

We invite you to a lecture during which selected electrotherapeutic devices will be presented. Some of them are very affordable and very few people know about them. Why few? Because inexpensive devices do not bring measurable profit, hence the lack of interest in informing the “audience” about cheap and effective methods of regaining health.

Many people tell us what to do, but few tell us how to do it. During the classes, I will present a simple device to be used for myself and my immediate family, which can be made for literally several dozen zlotys. To create it, it is enough to have simple tools such as pliers and a small file. Using the device over a period of several weeks may provide relief to some ailments, including those associated with certain forms of arthritis and joint mobility limitations. Positive animal trials have been conducted, providing strong evidence of the method’s effectiveness; and animals are rather resistant to placebo and…quite rarely pretend.

I will also introduce some simple, inexpensive, easy-to-purchase devices that will help in revitalizing the body and maintaining health. I will briefly discuss the applications and functions of the devices, some of which were created or designed by me personally. I will also address another important topic – electronic food processing.

If time allows, we will talk about the reasons for the popularity of Rife’s Spooky 2 system, taking into account the key issues – biofeedback and frequency transfer methods. As part of this, I will also present the reasons for the relatively low efficiency of the electrode method of vibration transfer (zapper) and propose solutions to this problem.

The lecture “Electrotherapeutic Devices in Body Revitalization, Rejuvenation, and Health Recovery” will take place in the Alchemist Zone on Friday, from 10:00 to 11:00.

About the speaker:

Roman Nowak comes from Mazowiecki and lives in Pomerania. He graduated from electronics (Military University of Technology, Warsaw). For many years he was involved in the creation and commissioning of communication devices for the army. Over the next years, he lectured on technical subjects at military universities, he also taught courses for electrical engineers.

He left the military to become a civilian teacher. Currently, for years he has been devoting himself to his passion for designing and building proprietary electrotherapeutic devices, he writes books and articles on health.

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