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ShataQS – is an artist whose musical roots developed not only in Poland, but also in Asia and in the city of New York. Operating on Polish and foreign music stages for many years, it boasts a solid collection of artistic achievements, including cooperation with several outstanding artists of international scenes, such as Shaila Jordan or Iwawo Furusawa, musical productions off and on Broadway in NY or “Tribute to Michael Jackson ” with the brothers of the king of POP Jackson5, Macy Gray and Judith Hill at the Tokyo Yoyoga Stadium in Japan. She is a graduate of the Dzierżoniów State Primary Music School. Wojciech Kilar in the violin class and the Academy of Music. Karol Szymanowski in Katowice at the jazz and popular music department.

In 2001, she won the final of the popular TV show “Chance for Success” in the Congress Hall in the repertoire of Edyta Gepert. Then, after trying her hand as an actress and dancer of the Buffo musical theater in Warsaw and the VivaArt theater in the Palace of Culture and the production of the play “Bad Behavior” under the direction of Andrzej Strzelecki, she left the country in order to find her own artistic and spiritual path. After returning in 2013, bringing with her her first EP “The Colors I Know”, she won the sixth edition of the music television program “Must Be The Music” after which she released her first original album “Mr.Mankind”. According to critics, with their non-commercial song “Die Free” ShataQS together with the seven-member line-up “broke the system”, and with its originality, consistency of form and musical awareness brought both the jurors and the audience to their knees. He is the winner of the third place and the award for the best vocal at the international festival Taubertal Open Air Emergenza 2014 in Germany. She is also one of the three finalists of the eliminations to the 20th Przystanek Woodstock 2014, which in turn gave her a ticket to the big stage of Woodstock on the first day of the 2014 festival.

In 2015, temporarily leaving the stage, she began building her own self-sufficient space and a place of creative activities in Kotlina Kłodzka and working on the awareness of sound and its impact on the human body and mind, which became the inspiration to write the album “Fenix” in 432hz and return to the music scene in 2019 with a whole new energy. The Fenix ​​album quickly found its way to the hearts of a wide audience in Poland and abroad. A review of the content of the songs of the album “Fenix” by the poet and literary critic Arkadiusz Frania was published in the “Song Yearbook” of the Polish Song Museum in Opole, and the song “Light” was included in the Radio Ram compilation “Ram Caffee vol.14”. in 2023 another album of the artist “WEDA” has been released…

“In my work, I want to convey a little more truth than what is currently being sold to people. I write about what I think we need right now. Several years of living on three very different cultural continents allowed me to see that despite such a great individuality of each of us and such beautiful diversity, we are very connected to each other. We all seem to share the same source from which we as Humans come. That is why we feel and sense each other in the same way, and most of the conflicts we face are simply creations of our minds, our confusion and lack of contact with ourselves. When I write, I focus on trying to distinguish all these elements, on man – regardless of his appearance, origin, skin color or religion, on understanding the conflict between “I” and “Ego”. Musically, it is also very diverse in style. I don’t know what category my music belongs to. The songs are made according to the emotions, changes and processes I go through, and these have many sounds and you never know where they will take you.”

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