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Sławomir Nizner

Topic: How to proceed during Blackout // water contamination?


Lectures in Polish only.

I will give lectures about blackout and water contamination, i.e. two of the most popular threats that can happen to anyone. I will discuss what can cause such failures, what are their effects and how to prepare for them. In addition, I will give a lecture on the selection and preparation of an evacuation vehicle, along with a discussion of the circumstances in which such a vehicle may be needed.

1nd lecture: “Blackout”

Blackout, or power failure, is one of the most likely scenarios that can happen to us. During the lecture, I will tell you what can cause a blackout and what the consequences may be, as well as discuss how to prepare for such a situation.

2nd lecture: “Water contamination”

From time to time, water contamination occurs in Poland, whether in the case of water in the water supply system or in the river. During the lecture, I will focus on the first case when we are cut off from drinking and household water from taps. I will present how you can prepare yourself and your home for such a scenario, and I will discuss how Polish local governments are prepared for such an event.

About the speaker:

I am 37 years old, I come from Lower Silesia. I’ve been interested in prepping since I was a child, later the interest turned into a passion, and then into a lifestyle. I was a prepper before I knew the word. Currently, for eight years I have been the president of Preppers Poland, a community of Polish preppers. I promote prepping among adults and children, I have conducted various types of workshops many times, both for private groups of adults and for children from an orphanage. Every year, I organize Preppers Poland Conventions for integration, learning and exchange of experiences, I also patronize other valuable events that help improve and promote prepping.

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