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Szymon Bujalski

Topic: Climate change: where in the world will it be safe?


We will feel the consequences of the climate crisis much sooner than scientists thought a few years ago. So what can we expect from the life of the Earth in 2050? And what will life in Poland look like then?

About the lecture “Climate change: where in the world will be safe?”:

Europe and the world in the middle of the 21st century: which areas will be affected by disasters and who will be lucky

The climate crisis is getting worse. It found that many of the key climate predictions were not alarming but overly lenient. In his lecture at the 6th edition of the Vibrations Festival, Professor Szymon Malinowski lists a number of precise data, which show that, YES: “you can panic”. (Nomen omen, the lecture can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the vibration festival).

The latest compilation of weather changes and a number of studies, including Hydrological data indicate that the consequences of climate change, which were supposed to come later, will come sooner.

So what will life on our planet look like in the middle of this century? Contrary to appearances, it is very soon, and climate change is not a prophecy, but facts that are already happening. It is enough to remember our Polish winters from 20-30 years ago and compare them with the present ones.

What awaits our country, Europe and the rest of the world? And can we count on the fact that after years of neglect humanity will finally wake up from its lethargy and stop destroying (not only) its future?

But above all, where in 20 years it will be the safest on earth, and where cataclysms will lead to the complete depopulation of the human population.

About the speaker:

Szymon Bujalski – runs the “Journalist for Climate” profile, which is followed by over 25,000 people on Facebook and over 55,000 people on Instagram. Author of the book “Recipe for a better climate. Healthier cities for a sick world. For several years associated with the Łódź branch of Wyborcza. Currently, he collaborates with several portals, e.g. She runs the website Ziemia na Rozdrożu with Climate Science, Interia, Wirtualna Polska and Onet. A graduate of journalism and social communication at the University of Lodz. Involved in the topics of climate change, environmental protection, sustainable urban development and animal rights. Privately, a vegan living without a car who likes to dress in second hand shops.

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