we know that you are already packing backpacks for the 8th edition of the Festival 🙂

Save the date: we are meeting on July 16-21, 2024 again!

Soon on our facebook and instagram we will inform you about the details and the program.

We are happy to announce that the festival has a new location. We present: Radotki.
We are moving to the beautiful surroundings of Płock, to the village of Radotki (2h from Warsaw). The name itself, upon first hearing, conjures up thoughts of JOY. This place is associated with a completely magical history…
You see, within the festival grounds lies a water mill; currently equipped with electric generators and very modern amenities, but its roots trace back to the 19th century. One of the mill’s employees back then, a certain Różycki, a herbalist from generation to generation, used to see patients in this very mill over a century ago. He had a reputation for being incredibly effective in treating ailments, and because he charged very little for his services and handcrafted herbal remedies, the local villagers preferred to seek his care rather than from greedy doctors. It was this very Różycki who inspired Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz, the author of the famous “The Quack”. Amazing!
So, we’ll be meeting in the Millers’ Settlement, in Radotki. The area is nestled in the picturesque Skrwa valley and is surrounded by the river on three sides. Our place is woven with scenic clearings and forests. Yes, there will be many shaded spots and water. The ambiance, serenity, the melody of birds, and the air – all guaranteed by the company of the Brudzeński Landscape Park. Kayaks are also waiting for you 😊
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