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Gooral & Paprodziad

Topic: Naturalna generacja


We invite you to the unique, first joint live performance of Gooral and Paprodziad after a nearly 2-year break!

This project was created to support and enhance the attunement to the new vibrations coming down to Earth with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Join us for a trance-like, mystical, dance journey into the depths of the New Earth images. Let yourself be instilled with high-vibrational messages and infect others with them.

GOORAL – Mateusz Górny – has been successfully combining club and electronic music with highland music for 20 years. The musician has played more than 1200 livow in 20 countries, at many major European festivals such as Pol’and’rock, Opener, Orange Warsaw, Sziget, Exit, Colours of Ostarva or Audioriver. The Bielszczanin musician has 7 studio albums released in Poland and abroad. Gooral’s latest releases are tuned in A – 432 Hz and resonate with solferz frequencies


Softly enveloping the listener with luscious, organic, forest sounds, Gooral’s grooving, electronic, downtempo realm features Paprodziad along with mantroraps (incantations) affirming harmony, spiritual development, love for people and nature.


Włodek Dembowski, known to all as PAPRODZIAD, from his performances in bands including ŁĄKI ŁAN, DZIADY KAZIMIERSKIE, NOVEMBER PROJECT and various, often surprising collaborations. He has been on stage for 20 years. With his lyrics, he carries out the mission of a shaman in his Ever New projects. He conveys content that touches the spirit deeply, painting a vision of a new world.

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