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Adrian Atma

Topic: 𝐄𝐍𝐆 Live music Ecstatic dance


About performance:

Mystic Ecstatica – a unique live session of ecstatic dance, enriched with the sounds of six instruments, vocals and drum rhythms. It is an experience that lifts the spirit and at the same time takes root deep in the body. From the heart to shamanic trances, with an invitation to intense breathing, deepening the journey.

The session lasts approximately two and a half hours, starting with the opening of the circle, 30 minutes of guided introduction to movement and body exploration games. It ends with gentle songs that ensure a “soft” landing on the ground. Ecstatic Dance is an encounter with movement in a safe space.

The rules exclude alcohol, drugs, telephones, video or chatting. The intention of the meeting is to discover oneself through dance and music.

About artist:

Adrian Atma grew up in France. Over the last decade, he has traveled and lived in various parts of the world such as India, Mexico, the United States, Asia and Europe. Throughout this long trail, his heart led him to discover the depths of life. Inspired by the richness of world music, he has performed at some of the most beautiful festivals and development events in Europe. www.adrianatma.com

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